Third party research II

Well the two weeks is up and it is time to post results. All in all I would have to say that mag 10 is all that it is cracked up to be. I had what I consider good results and feel that now with the knowledge I gained I could get even better by tweeking up the K/cals a bit more.

One thing I would like to mention is how amazing the recovery was with the mag 10. Even with the two a days, the recovery speed alone would lead to great gains.

Any how to some #'s

I gained a total of ten lbs in the two weeks, with just under 8.5 lbs in the form of lbm. So it was around 84% lbm.
Which is a much greater % then I figured. I upped my K/cals 1000 over maintinence. All very clean with 50% from protein, 30% carbs, 20% fat.

My strength went up consistantly through the two weeks in all areas.

As far as size gains it breaks down like this.
Right Bi= + 3/4"
Left Bi= + 7/8"
Right Quad= + 1 1/4"
Left Quad= + 1 1/4"
Waist= + 1/2"
Chest= + 1 5/8"

I neglected to take calf measurements, my fault, but I am sure from the rest of the results that they were on the positive side also.

So needless to say I would suggest the use of Mag 10 to anyone who is interested in receiving impressive gains in a short amount of time. Not to say it was easy by any means. Is anything worthwhile easy. But if you have take the time to fine tune your diet and have the dedication to bust ass for a couple weeks in the gym I am sure anyone can expect great gains.

The only regret I have is not upping my K/cals even more. I feel the gains would have been even greater, although I dont have to worry about needing to shed much unwanted fat, YET. I can solidify these gains and continue on the quest to add some size in the never ending T-man journey to get, hyoooooge.

A big T-man thanks to all at Biotest for yet another great product, and to JB and Chris for taking the time to lay out a program that kicks ass.

After this statement I am going to have to take ten or fifteen minutes cleaning the brown stain off my nose, but hey its worth it. I suggest to all who have the funds, dont delay, take advantage of the buy two get two free, get a bucket load of the mag ten and hang on.

I would but all cash is tied up in Masters Degree. But hey gotta expand mind as well as physique.

What? No pic? I’d like to see shredded + 10lbs.

In Faith,

I didnt post one due to the fact I couldnt really see to much of a diff. except shoulders in the pics. I fig’d I would wait and keep gaining. I will post though, but I dont think I can attach a pic to this, if so I am not sure how. If anyone knows how pass on the knowledge.


Just post it on the original “Third Party research” thread.

Great gains, though it would be interesting to also see how well you gain without all the extra supps (but with the extra food).

Smart training and supplemenation!

Dan “Phill’s the Anti-Neil G” McVicker

Dan the Anti Neil G quote was great.

I went ahead and posted the pic on the original as u suggested.

I am interested to see what I can continue to gain without the supps also. Dropped the cals a little but still hypercaloric and I am diggin lifting heavy again. It has been way to long. I am just going to take it a little slower in an attempt to keep the fat gains vs. LBM at a minimum.

Thx all for the responses on the posts.