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Third Meet, Not Quite as Planned


My third meet, first in the 220s (weighed in at 209)

Totalled 1243, PR total but a fair bit below my target of 1310. Full write up is in my training log if anyone wants to read it.

GPC Canberra Cup 2015 at PTC Canberra: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLyS0a9-Wd5n_QVmDkanODAEjCtGYYWnL9


Nice. The video doesn’t work but I’ll check the write-up later.


Stupid playlist link.


Unlucky it didn’t go as planned, at least you didn’t bomb out though! Regardless good job on the lifts, and just use it as motivation to come back bigger and stronger next time!


Great work and great lifting man, this was an excellent meet in my opinion. If you’re not ready to fail putting up numbers you haven’t put up before, then there’s no point in competing.


Thanks guys. It was definitely a good learning experience and taught me a lot about effective planning.

I’ve got everything planned out for my next full power meet, and planned properly.