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Third Cycle

Whatâ??s up everyone. This is my first time posting on these forums. I spent a lot of time researching good advice and reading through several different websites to find that this one is the best! Subscribed and here I am.

I have some basic questions regarding a Tren A and Test blend cycle, but before that I will go over my cycle history and stats.

Iâ??m fairly new to AAS (1 and a half cycles) so here is my breakdown:

First cycle
700 mg test e |weekly |12 weeks
250 mg deca |weekly| 10 weeks
Formal Stanzol throughout cycle

4 week PCT: HCGenerate/Post cycle/Unleashed combo 4 weeks
Forma Stanzol off cycle

*Final cycle note: I put on approximately 15 pounds of muscle on this cycle and really increased strength gains. PCT seemed fine, and didnâ??t have too many side effects. I was a little more emotional than normal to the point where my wife noticed and made fun of me. :frowning: I noticed my gains didnâ??t go down at all in the gym, in fact after PCT I was still noticing strength gains. Good stuff.

Second Cycle
500 mg test e |weekly| 6 weeks (ran out of gear)
350 mg tren e |weekly| 4 weeks (ran out of gear)

Forma Stanzol. No other PCT considering my dosage was so low and the duration was hardly a month and a half.

*Final cycle notes: I was really disappointed with my second cycle. My dealer at the time ran out of supply and literally NOONE in town could get anyâ?¦ the stuff I got was probably bad anyways considering I felt nothing and had zero gains from it. I learned a valuable lesson this cycle and that is to fully prepare BEFORE your first pin. Which I am doing this cycle.

-27 years old
-4 years lifting experience
-Height: 6â??2
-Body Fat %: 16%

I would like some advice on the cycle I am about to do. I stocked up heavily this time to ensure I had enough gear, but my dealer could only get tren ace, I would have preferred tren e because I don’t enjoy pinning. Iâ??m fine with that though, just want to make sure my dosing is good considering I will be doing it with test blend. He did not have any straight prop.

The test I got is test blend 400mg/ml, and from my understanding (please correct me if Iâ??m wrong) test blend is a blend of different types of testosterone such as esters, propionate, phenylpropionate, isocaproate and decanoate.

I am a little concerned with this cycle because I have never done a test blend before mixing with tren a. The esters are a little off it seems, but because the blend has prop in it I may be okay to start tren a week 1?

Let me know if this cycle sounds good or if you recommend any additions or suggestions:

Week 1-12: Test blend 400mg Monday/Thursday. (Total: 800mg weekly)
Week 2-9: Tren a 75mg EOD. (Total:300mg weekly)
Week 1-12Formal Stanzol

Week 14-17: Clomid 100/50/50/20
Week 14-17: HCGenerate (as prescribed)/Post Cycle (as prescribed)/Unleashed (as prescribed).
Week 14-17: Continue Forma Stanzol

*ALSO, I hear test 400mg injections hurt like a mother. Is there a good injection site for this or solution to inject with? I am comfortable injecting into my quads. Never injected anywhere else.

I plan to start this coming Monday.

hcgenerate and unleashed are garbage, run clomid for at least 4 weeks at a dose of at least 50mg/day

you should use a legit AI like adex, .5mg EOD

I pin everything but calves, lats, and ventroglutes…

you should consider backloading slin pins…