Third Cycle


Started reading these forums in december, got me really hooked, read everyday and I found out that people (well some) are well educated when it comes to AAS.

Basic info about myself:

Age: 22
Height: 170CM
Weight: 90.2KG this morning
Y.T: 6 years, strict.
BF: 8%
Previous cycles:
First, Test E 500mg EW, along with PCT.
Second, Test E 750mg EW + Turanabol, along with PCT.

So Im starting my third cycle in April, and I came up with this:

10 weeks TestP 500mg EW
8 weeks Turanabol 50mg ED
10 weeks Trenbolone Acetat
Adex 0.25mg EOD bump it to 0.5mg if needed, but on my last cycles I developed 0 gyno and had no “bloats” and yes I was stupid when I ran those cycles without it, sorry.
HCG week 1-8 250UI twice a week

PCT: Nolva 40/40/20/20

How should I dose the Tren since its my first time?

Thanks in advance.


I would shorten the cycle, for example:

1-8 Test P 70mg ED
1-6 Tren A 50mg ED
3-8 Tbol 50mg ED

The Tren dose is something you should experiment with. You may find that you can bump the Tren up without any sides. I think 50mg/60mg ED is a good starting point. I would have something on hand to deal with potential prolactin sides. Genuine Tren should not cause elevated prolactin, but you shouldn’t take any risks when dealing with UG products.

Appriciate your post Rational!

Any specific reasons when it comes to running TrenA for only 6 weeks?
The Test is going for 10 weeks, I already got them on hand, so with that Im sticking to 10 weeks.

and the HCG, from what I’ve read 250UI twice a week is optimal, is that true?

I prefer shorter cycles, I find that you have more productive weeks and they’re easier to recover from. Same reasoning with the Tren, I like to be conservative. You could definitely run it for longer if you wanted. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with your cycle plan.

Regarding the hCG, I think 250iu twice a week is acceptable. You can certainly dose the hCG more frequently. I prefer to use hCG every day or every other day, but then I don’t mind being a human pin cushion.

Me and you are alittle different from what I can see, I hate pinning, you love it, lol.

Anyways, I thought using TrenA would be a safer choice regarding sides than starting right on the Tren E and when it starts kicking in the sides would be fucking horrible, so with the quick ester I could get away pretty easily, thats why I also included TestP.

Just out from the sky, do you have any experience regarding Trenbolone Hexacarbonat aka Parabolan?

Haha, yeah I do love pinning ED. It becomes part of the morning ritual, and with insulin needles it never feels like an ordeal.

You are correct that Tren A is a safer choice. You could certainly use longer esters once you’ve established what kind of dose works best for you. I’ve only ever used Tren A, and again this is part of my approach to cycling (at the moment I’m experimenting with 2on2off cycles).

Insulin needles??
Can you get those at a regular pharmacy?

Since at my local pharmacy, the thinner needle you want, the shorter the lenght gets, and thats not ideal.

If you’re fairly lean you can do IM injections with insulin needles (you backfill them with a standard drawing needle). They’re 29G and 0.5inches. I rotate delts, tris, bis, quads. In the UK we have needle exchanges, I can go and get 20-30 needles whenever I need them. I would assume your local pharmacy will stock them.

Rational, I’m surprised you had no comment regarding the 8 week usage of Tbol. And I guess nobody else is going to comment regarding the weeks he’s planning on running HCG either. OK.

As far as needles go, it’s different in the states vs. the UK. When I lived in Boston they had a needle exchange program similar to what you described and I never had any issues getting any size of needles. In the mid-west it’s totally different. Some places claim they won’t give any to you without a doctors prescription. They never have the sizes I need and what they do have, they have very little of. I’ve also had people outright refuse to sell them to me. I have to get all my shit online now and it’s a huge pain in the ass.

[quote]Toby Queef wrote:
Rational, I’m surprised you had no comment regarding the 8 week usage of Tbol. And I guess nobody else is going to comment regarding the weeks he’s planning on running HCG either. OK.[/quote]

I forgot to say anything about the Tbol, although I guess I implied it should be used for less time in the plan I wrote. I didn’t notice the hCG weeks, good catch.

Whats wrong with running 8 weeks with turanabol?
From what I’ve read you can run orals for up to 10 weeks without getting significant changes in liver values, not to mention some of the people in my gym, been on winstrol for 15 weeks and his liver values went up alittle ( he did 15 weeks of test e, equipose and winstrol ).

and regarding the hCG, I just thought:
In a Test E cycle normally the hCG would start at week 3 and continue to week10.
So with Test P I would guess that my testicles will shrink faster than it would with Test E.

Im all blank about hCG, all help appriciated.

[quote]Havre wrote:
Whats wrong with running 8 weeks with turanabol?

Nothing unless you have a history of developing liver problems at that dose and duration.

8 weeks at a very moderate dose will not harm an otherwise haelthy person. Dont drink or regularly use tylenol (and the like) while using the oral AAS to play it safe.

[quote]Havre wrote:

From what I’ve read you can run orals for up to 10 weeks without getting significant changes in liver values, [/quote]

This claim is useless without knowing the dose and the particular drug used.

30mg/d of halotestin is a lot different than 10mg/d of dbol.

and 100mg/d of dbol is a lot different than 10mg/d

Its also stupid to make blanket statements and expect them to apply across the board. Averages are useless when referring to specific idividuals.

Its an excessive amount of drugs for only a third cycle. IMO.

Alright, I see.

Im not drinking besides something important stuff comes up, like xmas > 2-3. January, thats my drinking holidays.

Should I just cut out the Tren and just run TestP at 6-700mg EW alongside with Turanabol at 30-50mg a day?
I got no rush with the Tren, I loved Test.

[quote]BONEZ217 wrote:
Its an excessive amount of drugs for only a third cycle. IMO. [/quote]

I’m not disagreeing with you, but how do you figure? He didn’t even propose how much Tren he plans on using. I would only say it’s too much due to lack of knowledge, not necessarily the amounts of each compound being used.

He’s at 850mg with the test and tbol alone.

Any normal amount of tren will put him over 1.2g/wk.

I see no reason whatsoever to up the amount of drugs with EACH cycle. But I take a minimalistic approach to all of this. Obviously more drugs produce more results.

When I first made the thread I wasn’t sure if I wanted to include the Tren, this is all just thinking yet, that’s why I came here, to get different opinions.

Well it’s not that drastic increase in amount of drugs from my second cycle…
Test E 750mg EW + 30mg Tbol ED = 910mg EW

Im willing to either drop the Tbol or the Tren, and it’s most likely going to be the Tren.

And about me not listing the amount of Tren being used, it’s because I’ve only read about how it works, and the reason I asked about how much is a good “beginner” dose for this compound is that I don’t want to royally fuck up myself.