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Third Cycle


I am planning a new cycle and trying to get the best bang for my buck.

I am 35 and 214 12% body fat.

Last cycle
750 w of test e
600 w of deca
600 w of eq

ran for 16 weeks
cut the deca and eq off at w 12
tapered out on test.

waited 2 weeks took nolva for 2 weeks
2 week of nolve took 10 dbol
and ran two weeks of clen

This was awsome went from 189 to 225
I have been off for a year and due to a car accident I have had to cut back on lifting. I am starting to pick it up now and am ready to hit it hard. I now weigh 210. Not bad retention.

Wondering if I shoud run the same or add or cut something out. I read up on my stuff but opnions are like ass holes so let hear them.

Thanks Bros


you ran the deca too high and didnt run the EQ long enough IMO. also your PCT seems odd.... also 16 weeks is a long cycle and with a 19nor for 12 weeks makes for hard recovery


So I just need to make adjustments in cycle lengths like dropping the deca at 10 and add 2 week to the eq?


Also thought the PCT worked great stay strong for quiet a few months till I go ran over by some jackass


with those parameters id run

1-16 test E 750mg/wk
1-10(12) deca 400mg/wk(maybe even 300)
1-16 EQ 600mg/wk
??1-4 test P 150mg EOD??

i donno looks alright lemme think on it

also i'd look up the protocol for the STASIS taper. prob gonna need an aggressive PCT for this one.


Deca at 400 for 10 weeks is what im thinking.
I know that 600 is a good number for eq the first cycle was at 400 and didnt do much but really got hungry and vasiclar on the 600.


I hear what you saying I went with the 10 dbol at the end cause I read the the old timers would bridge with dbol and it would keep you anabolic and so would the clen.


Ya you're gonna wanna not do that lol you dont want anything supressing you further while trying to recover. bridging and cruising are a totally different ballgame. in other words, that would mean you just dont come off which some opt for.


I understand. Got to have my shit together by this weekend shit is scarce around here. But I am trying to improve my cycles and knlowdege as I go. Not going to jump into it like a lot of others unfortuntally do.

Like I said though it worked pretty good for whatever reason and no gyno or sides (besides I kicked my wife to the curb) haha that was coming anyway.

Still incline 150's for 4 reps instead of 10. The Pct is the kicker got to do that right. You read so much condricting stuff that its better to ask the expericenced sometimes. Its trial and error for alot of people.




Sorry for the hijack.

Game, how do you think a dose of 400mg of deca per week ranks on effectivness?

I am running 200mgs right now and have liked it, I can tell something else is going on. My next cycle I was thinking of something bigger, maybe a gram of test and 500-750 on the deca. Am I just wasting anything over 500mgs? Thanks.



deca is one of those drugs thats effectivness varies a lot by quality. IMO you should not need to go above 500mg/week deca. and your dancing on the line where negative sides outweigh positive effects. I think 300-400mg/wk is the sweet spot.

with 750mg/week test. throw in an oral if you want or kickstart with some prop cut the deca short a couple weeks of your test and you're set IMO


if i was you because of your age i would run about 1 gram of test per week




A good friend of mine is currently running about 1150 test and 550 deca with some extra prop though the first few weeks to kick start.

Hes currently about 3 weeks in and now 250+ lbs. Strength is going up each work out. First time using deca and its just really starting to kick in now at week 3. Dbol will be added at 30-40mg/day within the next two weeks.

Just throwing another users perspective out there but im in no means advocating dosages such as this one as I dont feel they are necessary for most.


Dont quite understand the STASIS taper so you stop the test and eq at week 16
wait 5 to 6 weeks and start nolv and 100 test e e3d thruout the 4 wks of nolv?

Also I believe that I dont need to run the eq and will have good results without it.

Is the PCT aggressive due to the Deca, the 750 of test, or the length of the cycle?

To me from what I see is its the test that is the one thing that is the key. I probably would get just as good results at just running 750 wk of test e. Kick start with prop I think that at that level the prop might not be needed not sure either.

Just trying to put together a simple third cycle without wasting gear and going overboard. Which is probably what I did in my second cycle and with the year off due to my set back I probably need to start with a basic cycle and move up from there. A gram seems like alot no matter what age.


OK.... I took a little time and did some research and also looked to see what was avaliable to me and this is the revision I came up with. It might need a few tweaks but this should be a good 3rd cycle. This stuff has gone thru the roof. In this area your looking at 900US$ CRAZY!! but that's why I want to do this right.

Wk 1-4 Test Prop 100mg EOD (kick start)
Wk1-12 Test E 500mg (250mg 2x p/w)
Wk1-12 Mast Prop 300mg (100mg 3x p/w)

Wk13-18 Test E 100mg (50mg 2x p/w)
Wk19 Test E 80mg+20mg Nolvadex ED
Wk20 Test E 60mg+20mg nolvadex ED
Wk21 Test E 40mg+20mg Nolvadex ED
Wk22 Test E 20mg+20mg Nolvadex ED
Wk23 Nolvadex 20mg ED
Wk24 Nolvadex 20mg ED

Give some feedback if you would.



You should start your stasis (100mg/w test e) in week 15. It will take two weeks for the test e already in your system to drop to non suppressive levels as which point PCT should commence.


changed statis to week 15. Is the length of this cycle ok. Would 10 weeks be better? I have had a habit in the past to run too much for too long.

Wk 1-4 Test Prop 100mg EOD (kick start)
Wk1-12 Test E 500mg (250mg 2x p/w)
Wk1-12 Mast Prop 300mg (100mg 3x p/w)

Wk15-18 Test E 100mg (50mg 2x p/w)
Wk19 Test E 80mg+20mg Nolvadex ED
Wk20 Test E 60mg+20mg nolvadex ED
Wk21 Test E 40mg+20mg Nolvadex ED
Wk22 Test E 20mg+20mg Nolvadex ED
Wk23 Nolvadex 20mg ED
Wk24 Nolvadex 20mg ED


Yeah, I definitely like shorter cycles. More productive without the diminishing returns towards end of long cycles.

You can improve on this one by running the test e only 8 weeks, while continuing the mast prop for two more. You can throw in some prop to replace the test e for weeks 9-10 also if you have some left over. That way, you will still be maxed out during the 2 weeks you are waiting for test e to drop to ideal level to start PCT. The shorter esters would only have to be stopped about 3 days before starting PCT so they don't delay you as the longer esters do.

I know you are using Mast prop, but where's your AI?

If you go this route, you can probably drop the 4 week stasis too. SERM PCT should be adequate. If you want to bolster recovery, add HCG @ 250iu EOD to weeks 6-10 of my reformatted suggestion.