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Third Cycle: Test P, Tren, and Winstrol


weeks 1-8

test prop 125mg
tren ace 500mg
caber .5mg twice a week

weeks 1-3
winstrol oral 50mg ED

Injections will be ED

starting in 3rd week finishing before pct
HCG 250iu twice a week

nolva 40/40/20

how does this look? I have lots of adex but am not sure if it will be required with such a small amount of aromatizable steroids.

Advice welcome


Why 3 weeks pct?


because im using hcg and it's an 8 week cycle..

what would you suggest?


I would always recommend longer pct. why take a chance?


how long would you suggest?


4 weeks, 40/40/20/20

Or frontload day one with 60mg then take 20mg per day after.


alright, ill bump it up to 4 weeks.

Does anyone suggest the usage of an AI for this cycle?