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Third Cycle Suggestions

hello all, im in the works of starting my third cycle. my goal is to add 10-15 lbs of QUALITY muscle, i have taken sus 250 and eq, i was satisfied, and test E with tren, but i was thinking maybe sus 250 and decca,sus250 and eq or sus 250 and winni. OR i can go a whole different route and get Getropin for a little cheaper than the previously mentioned cycles, any input is appreciated

How about test prop/tren ace/masteron?

Well, other than gaining 10-15lbs what else do you want from this next cycle? You could gain 10-15lbs with almost any cycle (though I don’t know your stats/exp.)

Seems like you want to run Sus250 as your base, when using that mixed ester test, one could easily switch to Prop or Enan as their base depending on their goals/desires.

Sus250 and Deca would be a great bulker, plan on losing some of the weight right away as much of the weight will be water no matter how you plan it. I’d also just switch to an more enjoyable Test E with the long ester Deca as the Sus is not going to offer any particular benefit here.

You mentioned running Sus250 and EQ for your 3rd and it was also your first, so you must of liked it. Maybe consider adding an oral to this particular cycle or even better would be to add some Masteron Enanthate as a 3rd compound. I personally don’t think that the EQ had much to do mith your enjoyment of the cycle as in my opinion it is pretty much worthless for bodybuilders. In other words adding an extra 100mg sus probably would have netted the same results.

Sus250 and Winni: I don’t really consider an oral as part of the main cycle with long-ester cycles. If you ran Prop and Winni for 6 weeks than it would be, but more than likely you’d be running Winny for 6 weeks somewhere during an 12+ week Sus cycle, so I consider it more of an additive for certain needs. This cycle would basically be considered a Sus cycle with a Winny kick-start, bump or finish.

I am personally a big fan of Masteron for cycles, though it’s more of an ancillary. I would consider running Test Enan (600mg/week) and Mast Enan (400mg/week) for your cycle. Consider this similar, but better than an Test/EQ cycle. The Mast will be similar to running Proviron, but with more of an performance enhancement as far as training goes, well plus the bedroom. It in itself won’t offer much more in gains, but as much as EQ IMO, but with noticable positive effects on muscle hardness, positive aggression, mild strength, and overall drive. I’m usually thinking about performance as well as muscle gains and therefore than dictate my decisions a bit. You could add Tren E if you weren’t concerned about a more than likely reduction in performance, but it would net a great increase in your overall cycle as far as physique changes. But then again, you might want to consider changing to short esters, in which I would run Prop/Mast/Anav or swop the Anavar for Tren Ace if performance isn’t as big an issue as muscle gain and physique are.

im trying to stay away from tren, i liked it in all, but a few people i know have had their share of problems with it, plus it would be home brewed fina just because im stupid like that. I considered deca but i dont want alot of water retention, i hate looking bloated…i like to look hard and ripped all the time

Then masteron is probably the way to go…

Can you give some examples of dosages, runtimes, pct

[quote]skitmds wrote:
Can you give some examples of dosages, runtimes, pct[/quote]

With what compounds exactly? Mostly would be dependant on goals and experience.
An example using me: If I’m after a physique change ie. more muscle and less fat and an overall look - I’ll run Masteron at around 350-420mg/week; but if I’m after more of a performance enhancement with dht benefits I’m run it low at 150mg/week. There are many generalities though. Consider:
Test 500mg/week
Mast 350mg/week
Tren 350mg/week
Of course this is dependant on many factors. If I’m after more mass for the above I tend to run the Test higher or preferably split the Test with Dbol for a total of around 700mg/week. I’ll actually run Dbol for a cutter too at a low dose for it’s many benefits, but that’s another topic.

Glad to see you back beat.