Third cycle proposition and questions

Cycle 1:
400mg cyp/wk for 8 weeks

cycle 2:
600 mg cyp/wk 8 weeks
200 mg tren e/wk 8 weeks

Both cycles went well, cycle 1 basically got me to a good point after an admittingly crappy cut. Lost too much weight too fast. Abs looked great but lost a ton of mass and strength. Cycle 2 was done this past May/June. About a month and a half post PCT, feeling good. 6’1 210 body fat in the 8-10 range I would guess.

For my third cycle (probably in November or December), I want to focus on putting on some good mass. I was thinking about simply trying Sust for 10 weeks with a Dbol kick start. Nothing too fancy. I loved loved loved tren. The night sweats were annoying but the shocking vascularity and strength gains were sick, so I was thinking that in the spring after proper recovery from cycle 3 I would man up and do a prop/ace cycle and inject ED.

My to the point question would be this: Are there any other recommended compounds I should run when trying to simply put on some maintainable mass? If after PCT is all said and done I would be fine with having and maintaining another 10 pounds or so of mass on my frame.