Third Cycle Proposal

Started my third cycle on monday, looks like this.

Wk 1-10 Tri-Test 450mg/wk
Wk 1-10 Tri-Tren 450mg/wk
Wk 2-6 Anadrol 100mg/day
Wk 1-12 Adex .5mg E3D
hCG 1500iu E2Wks (1 shot every 2 weeks)
Caber on hand but I doubt I will have any prolactin issues.

The injection frequency is EOD.
Any changes needed?

Sorry missed PCT, Clomid 150/100/50/50 and nolva 20/20/20

Dude, it wasn’t that long ago you were asking questions about your PCT for the last cycle. You sure you’re recovered? Also, HCG needs to be shot 2x per week at 250IU.

If you haven’t recovered, I’d reccommend getting that sorted first before jumping on again. Unless you are happy going on TRT.

Thanks for the reply massive guns, I feel like I recovered after those 3 shots of 1500iu a week I did a while back. My testes were normal size and I gave a couple of weeks for my body to get used to normal. The hCG dilemma is this, I cannot store my hCG at home anywhere hence why I wanted to do a shot of 1500iu a week in 1 go?

I’m pretty sure its not the best way to do things. In the case of a botched PCT as previous, its not that bad. Running it like that through a cycle though, it may affect your recovery. You want to replace LH without overstimulating the testes, which is why you only need a low dose. There must be somewhere cold at home you can keep it if not in the fridge? In the roof?

Buy a mini fridge. Stores sell fridges that are small enough to only hold four 20oz bottles. You can put the thing inside your underwear drawer.

^lol^ thats true. But funny.
Do you have a wife or GF at home that you cant just put it in the back/bottom of your fridge with your apples?

As for the cycle Why not start the Anadrol from the beginning? It will take about a week to Start kicking in nice anyway. Is this your first run with Drol? If it is you could start lower and up the dose to 75mg-100mg If its needed…
I assume the Tri-Tren has Acetate in it? If thats the case Id shoot that ed, But I guess eod wouldnt be horrible. Sounds like a fun cycle.

I suppose I can look into the portable fridge, funny way to put it though lol. Cant really get into the roof, its hard in UK houses.
The cycle so far has been good, been on it for a week and put on 8 pounds already. The Drol im starting on week 2 because thats when I could get hold of it lol. And yes its my first time with Drol, been using Dbol previously.

I personaly love Abombs. dbol’s feel nice, but anadrol kicks the crap out of dbol with power and mass (yeah, water too). I only weigh 185 so 75mg was deff enough for me. Hope you like it as much as I. Good luck

Ive been on for around 2 weeks now, still no oxy’s but Ive gained around 14 pounds of muscle with little to no fat gain. However, I havent experienced any tren sides, do I need to be worried about the legitimacy of my Trenbolone?

Of course not. Everyone doesn’t suffer side effects from tren, nor do those potential sides necessarily manifest themselves two weeks into a cycle.

Fair enough, I am experiencing shortness of breath now though, good sign.

But I dont find any short of breath

Infact I started my cycle without adex. N I suffered gyno. There for I have to stop my cycle in mid…but now Im good to go again n this tine I have taken care of my past mistake.


Any suggestions on what I can add to decrease body fat while keeping calories the same?

Treadmill :wink:

Haha come on man, I hate cardio! Plus I can hardly breath because of the tren :frowning:

Carb cutoffs or carb cycling…

What do you suggest? Carbs only pre and post-workout? No carbs before bed?
Your avatar is distracting as always.