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Third Cycle Planning

I am starting my third cycle in mid Janurary. I am 24 at 5’8 and weigh 175 at 7-8% bodyfat. All of my abs are visible by just not eating like shit. My last cycle was 500 mg Test E and 200 mg EQ for 10 wks, I gained roughly 20 lbs while losing some fat. I am looking to gain another 15-20 lbs.

I am looking at a few options.

I am considering running 500 mg Test E again and upping the EQ to 400 mg a wk for 12 wks. I had a lot of success with the last cycle and the only things I would change would add two weeks and increasing the EQ dose. The EQ + Test worked very well for me. I feel like the gains will stick around from my cycle.

My first cycle I took a low dose of Dbol+test and I noticed the water it put on. I could make this third cycle really add on the lbs and go with a higher dose of dbol+test, but I don’t know if losing 10 lbs of water after coming off is worth it. I would run 500 mg test for 12 wks and kickstart w 30 mg dbol a day for the first 4 wks.

My diet right now is a very high calorie bulk I eat steak, fish, chicken, eggs, pasta, cheeses, fruit, vegetables, oils, nuts, and 2% milk. So I think I could keep the water to a minimum on a 500 T / 30 DBOL cycle with some A-DEX.

Now the third option, I could get into HGH + Test for about the same cost of the previous two cycles. It would cost about the same to run 4-5 IU a day alongside 500 mg of test. WIth the cost of the chinese blue gh not being so bad I could handle spending a little more to stay on for 6 months to get the most out of the GH. Would this be better for long term gains and possibly a safer choice?

With a little more thought I’ve come up with this. Any criticism is appreciated.

WK 1-12 Test Cypionate 500mg/ wk
WK 1-12 Equipoise 400MG / WK
WK 1-5 DBOL 50mg ED
WK 1-12 A-DEX .5mg ED

PCT: Nolva 40/40/30/20

I’m thinking with this cycle it should bulk me up to the point where I can start HGH + Test for my next cycle in the Summer. Right now I think I can benefit from an intermediate bulking cycle like this before I mess with growth.

I want this to finish off my bulking phase starting 2011. I have been thinking about Deca instead of the EQ, but I have experience with all three of these steroids and adding Deca would be something new. If I had any problems I wouldn’t be as prepared. I’ve also heard horror stories from a bro about Deca-dick and that alone makes me not want to ever include Deca. I think all the DBOL + Test should take care of any chance of Deca-dick but its still something I’d rather not ever experience.

As I mentioned I liked the EQ from the last cycle, so I am feeling confident about running Test/EQ/DBOL.

that cycle looks pretty solid to me. The EQ needs to be ran at 400mgs a week minimum according to all the research Ive done so you should be good to go with this cycle. I would say the adex dosing is a little on the high side but giving i dont know how you react to certain compounds and the dbol, thats debatable. i say pull the trigger, but i think you could run a lower dose of adex…vets, any thoughts?

Start the Adex at 0.25mg. And at least 400 mg/wk EQ. I’d go for 600 mg/wk and skip the DBol this go round.

As far as the Deca. When/if you ever run it, start around 300mg/wk and keep your Test higher, like around 600 mg/wk. And Caber or Prami is a must to include.