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Third Cycle Plan?

Hey guys,

So ive completed 2 cycles now over the past year and half. The first cycle I ran 500mg test-E/wk and the second I ran 500mg test-E/ wk with Tbol the first 4 weeks at 40-60mg/day. I actually think I gained more from the second cycle, mostly due to knowing more about what to expect from everything. I havent ran any AI at all after reading about people crashing their e2 on here and a couple threads about the need for them at all (havent had any est. issues)

Just wanted to give a shout out to now i care and iron yuppie for helping me out with everything previously.

So as for the new cycle, over the past 3 years of lifting (currently 30 yrs old) heavily ive went from 6’1 @ 175lbs to currently 215, the last 15 lbs or so from the last cycle. So im beginning to research my third cycle now and wanted your opinions on some things. I had this cutting cycle planned out for this spring/summer of Test P @ 250/wk, Tren A @300/wk, and Mast P @ 400mg/wk. I have caber on hand as well as HCG for throughout the cycle and a standard 5 week nolvadex for PCT. Im thinking more and more about saving the tren and mast for a later cycle as I dont know if im quite ready to jump into those waters yet. What would you guys recommend in place of those compounds, or do you think I should give it a shot? Looking to cut some BF (currently around 18-20% since bulking). I wasnt a huge fan of the oral tbol to be honest and wanted to stick with the IM/SC rooute. I was thinking of trying a test prop cycle at an increased dose like 600-650/wk, or keep it at 500/wk and add in something else.

What do you guys recommend? Thanks again for your continued help!

We are in seemingly similar stages of the AAS journey. I too, had considered Tren, but really don’t want to go that route. If I run a next cycle, it will certainly be High dose primo with a low dose of test.

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I’d do a moderate/high dose 16 week test and EQ cycle, no sides, inject twice a week, nice and easy. Plenty cardio and clean up the diet. If you still feel like you must use tren, use it later when you have lower bodyfat and you’ll be looking good. First timers stick to tren ace and it needs to be pinned every day, or eod at a maximum, it literally becomes a pain in the ass. Plus the sides are horrendous and repeated use will probably knock a few years off your life.

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Test P and anavar are a mighty tempting cut/recomp. I’m planning out my next two blasts and they are, roughly, trt/primo/anavar followed by trt/test pp/anavar maybe six months later. That would be the least harmful cut you could run and it could be done in as little as six weeks. Start slowly the four weeks leading into it (maybe 300-500 deficit) and then when you hit your cycle you can go even deeper (500-1,000) and get down to that 12-14% level.


thanks for the info. definitely some good options all around. i still have a couple months till i start so ill give it some more thought. also, juice i cant stop laughing at your avatar lol, great stuff

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