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Third Cycle, NPP or Tren A?


Hello gentlemen,

I have been reading some topics regarding both Tren and NPP on this site lately, I'm starting my third cycle in may :

Originally I had this planned :

Week 1-12 Test P 100mg EoD
Week 1-10 NPP 100mg EoD
Week 1-10 Winstrol 50mg ED
Week 1-12 Arimidex 0.3-0.5ml (ED\EoD depending on outcome).

I've read alot about winstrol having nice synergy with nandrolone, is that just a bunch of BS, or does the winstrol actually come in quite handy in this cycle?

PCT : hCG 250 IU E3D (During cycle).
Week : 13-17 nolvadex 40\20\20\20

Now, I'm from Norway, and as far as Caber goes I'm in deep shit.
So I was wondering if i should just go for something like,

Week 1-10 Test P 100mg EoD
Week 1-8 Tren A 75-(100mg) EoD

PCT : Same.

Instead? (Because of tren binding to prolactin receptors, but not activating them, or have i completely misunderstood the whole thing, and need to reread everything? :))

Stats :
22 years old
93kg, currently on a diet losing some BF% from my last bulk.
The plan is to lose some fat BEFORE starting my cycle, making this next cycle a lean bulk cycle.

I might also throw in some GHRP-6 and GRF1-29 after a while.




No caber = no nandrolone IMO


+1 and one of the reasons why I wont use deca

Test P + Tren Ace + Arimidex if needed is a great cycle!

I hate winstrol for 6 weeks and for 10...well I wouldnt no chance. Masteron is something you
could use long term...if you can find it and it doesnt cost a fortune but really...if more results
are needed I would just up the test or tren or arimidex as required or all of the above.

EQ is good for lean bulk especially with arimidex but for short run (short for eq) i think not so

Tren, test P, masteron and NPP I think are the best short cycle injectables around.

Test P and Tren ace is very flexible.


Thanks for the answers guys, currently checking out the possibility of importing caber\prami and how norwegian laws work regarding import of these, might get me some caber, if not im going to go for a test p + tren a cycle, start low on the tren because I've never tried it before and "check" my limits..