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Third Cycle. Not Sure About Levels


Due to the gear I have left over/ got my hands on, (1 x enth, tren A x 6, test pro x 4, Anavar 300 tabs). I'm planning to run the below cycle, I know ideally the test should be ran on at least the same level as the tren but the $20 postage + $25 western union transfer would piss me of for the sake of 2-3 bottles, though if I must then I must!!!

Cycle is

Weeks 1-8- Test p 75mg ED
Weeks 1-8 �¢?? Tren A 100mg ED
Weeks 1-8 anavar 50mg ED
Armidex .5mg ED


day 1 150mg clomid 60mg nolva
day 2-11 100mg clomid, 40mg nolva
day 12-21 50mg clomid, 20mg nolva.

I always resond well to PCT and its not long after the cycle when I'm back get inappropriate stiff's on the high street,

this is my 3rd cycle first was test e @ 500mg 12 weeks
2nd was test E @ 500mg 10 weeks and tren A last 8 weeks 150mg EOD

I got good results of both but wasn't a fan of the water retention of the test E even though it disappeared after a few weeks.

First cycle results were let down with I got sent down just as i finished cycle for 2 months (nothing serious) so there was some loss due to diet and only half done PCT

Looking to cut up and add some solid gains this time around


thinking about the levels here, does it seem too much?? should i cut the level to test p and tren to 100mg EOD???


CYcle looks fine.

You'll see a ton of strength gains, that's for sure.

If side effects become too much, lower the test before lowering the tren.


lower test b4 tren?? thought test to tren ratio of 1:1 was the bare minimal thought i was pushing it at 75mg test to 100mg tren????


Id always heard the 1:1 ratio aswell, but latley Ive been seeing more and more of high tren, low test with minimal sides. I plan on running my first tren cycle soon at a trt dose of test (100-200mg a week) with around 600mg of tren A a week and 30-50 mg of dbol for 6 weeks and see how it goes.


A replacement dose of test is all that's needed.

In any cycle.


There is a guy on this forum (maybe MassiveGuns? forgive me if not the right person) that runs VERY low test with fairly high doses of tren...I believe his last cycle was something like 70 mg test PER WEEK (shot ED) with something like 700 mg tren...


Actually it was Mr. Walkaway, and he actually did something like 1.5 g tren week!



1.5g/ weeks, god dam!!!! You probably didn't ask him but does his dick work ok????

Thnik i'm gonna get another 2 bottles (try at least) from a local source and extend the cycle to 75mg ed of both test and tren for 10 weeks, would this be the better option??? though i do like 8 weekers for recovery, max gains while on cycle, then on to the next one


Low test/high tren works fantastically well, and is often the best option for someone who experiences tren's negative sides more than he'd prefer. There are a lot more than just a single board member or so who run tren this way, though many of them probably do not post here much if at all anymore.

I personally tolerate well both high test and high tren together, and have run well over a gram of each together for quite a few weeks in a row without any real problems. Couple things will end up happening, though:

First, tren almost certainly will eventually result in some sexual dysfunction. I notice that after long periods on tren, I start having a harder and harder time achieving ejaculation. Regardless how much guys on here talk about how their wife or girlfriend "loves" it, trust me, she's going to start feeling insecure at first, and eventually hostile toward you if you cannot achieve an orgasm with here. Later, after cycle usually, both a hard time achieving ejaculation along with a bit (or more than a bit) of ED. This is despite a ton of cabergoline and cialis.

Second, just because you have had two good experiences recovering, don't extrapolate from this that you are just going to bounce right back from every cycle from now on. It WILL get harder and harder to recover. Period. This applies to EVERYBODY "cycling" on this board. And the guys here that just think they'll be able to run a 40/40/20/20 of nolva from now until they are 60 are seriously deluding themselves. You know those badass results you get from steroids? Well be realistic, and keep in mind that there is nothing in this life that comes for free, AAS most certainly included. You need to think especially hard about this if you are young.

Of course, most of this is the advice I was told but pointedly ignored when first starting out in this game. Experience has proven that advice to be just the same for me as it was for all the more experienced guys that were kindly giving it to me. But who knows, maybe there are some magical dudes out there who'll always recover like a 20 year old after an 8 weeks test only cycle. Maybe you are one of them.

My suggestion regarding this cycle: Sounds good pretty much as is. I would add HCG at 250mcg EOD from about the 2nd or 3rd week until just before PCT to aid recovery.

Good luck.

Oh, and stay away from UGL SHIT!


Ok how about this 3rd cycle, 29 years old 6ft 6, 280 lbs, 5 years training. This cycle looking to drop some BF and gain 10 lbs of lean mas. Got some question about my next cycle. I noticed a little hair loss on the last cycle, nothing to much but if i lost that much again you'd start to notice.

The cycle was a tren ace/test enth cycle, so I was thinking about including some proscar this time round but it get mixed reviews from other boards so i wondered if anyone had an opinion on its inclusion. I didn't really notice the hair loss till after I completed the cycle and other sides where low so I didn't really take an AI thoughout, only here and there.

Questions are:

  1. Is proscar any good and worth including?
  2. Would the constant inclusion of the AI pick up the slack?
  3. I've got Nolva coming out my a hole as I over ordered, is it worth including on cycle??
  4. I've got some T3 as I was gonna do a clen/t3 cycle at first but thought in the end I'd go down the lean mass route with, tren,test p and anavar instead. I've heard that including 25mg of T3 speeds the metabolism and helps protein uptake, though again as mixed reviews????

Cycle is

Weeks 1-10- Test p 75mg ED
Weeks 1-10 Tren A 75mg ED
Weeks 1-9 anavar 50mg ED
Armidex .5mg E0D weeks 1-10
Proscar/Finasteride 1mg ED?????????
Nolva ed?????????
T3 25mg ed????????


day 1 150mg clomid 60mg nolva
day 2-11 100mg clomid, 40mg nolva
day 12-21 50mg clomid, 20mg nolva.


Proscar is useless in my opinion. Personally I would rather be bald than be on that stuff (killed my erections) but everyone is different. speaking of erection issues I would have something to help with prolactin from the tren. I like caber (at 0.5mg EOD-E3D) but there are lots of options out there. Use the nolva during the cycle only if needed/desired, you've already got adex in there which should be enough to control E. T3 would be totally optional but you have a lot going on here, maybe run it for a few weeks and decide then if you want to add anything else like T3.


Hats off to Cortes!
Best piece of advice I have read on this forum for a long time.
I totally agree with the ED and getting harder and harder to recover although for me it seems as though recovery has stalled as quick as my third cycle (first involving Tren).
I probably will not mess with my HPTA now till I have had children and I am sure I dont need my natural test anymore, which will probable be in 15-20 years from now. My last experience was so bad its shitted me to this point, and freezing sperm is just out of the question. I dont need steroids that bad to go as far as freezing sperm.


EXACTLY what I was alluding to above. Excellent post.

I started when I was just thirtyish, before ever having any children. Luckily, I was able to conceive shortly after that, but I am SO SO SO SOOOOO glad that I did not start using AAS until just before my wife and I had our son, because being a father kicks the living shit out all the AAS, GH, GHRP, IGF-1, and whatever the hell else you selfishly use to "improve" yourself. I would bet my left nut (haha) that 99% of the men who are privileged to have become fathers here would whole-heartedly agree with me on this.

Being a huge badass is badass, but it is nothing, NOTHING, compared to the true badassedness of being a dad.

Ok, off the soapbox,

69th, FG has you covered as to the rest of your questions. Pay attention to his advice. It's good stuff.

For clarity's sake:

AI on cycle.
SERM post cycle.

Include caber when using 19-nors like tren and deca.

T3 is probably overkill if you are not competing, imo, but if you are going to go all in, well, you probably will anyway. I always do. That's not advice, but it is what tends to happen around here, isn't it?


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Dont slate me for this but what the hell is UGL anyway???


It's a koan, my friend. A riddle, wrapped in an enigma, and deep fried in bacon fat.


And I know you know the answer, because you taught it to me.



Under Ground Lab

As opposed to (unfaked) pharm grade gear or the other method obscurely referenced above.


Im sure fatherhood is as spectacular as you say :wink:
Besides its not fair on my girl who is so looking forward to having kids if I mess it up because of my own selfish needs.
I hope I have not damaged myself beyond fatherhood at this time and also cannot wait till after being a parent to jump on some nice cycles :slight_smile:


Smart man. How old are you?

There ARE ways to recover enough natural test to restart production of sperm to the point that one can again conceive, even after many years of non-stop AAS use (that is, NOT cycling, just staying on all the time). However, playing dice with your balls is not the best idea if you do not already have low test, are not in this professionally, and if there is even the slightest possibility of your wanting to have children in the future.