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Third Cycle, Good to Go?



Wanting some advise on my third cycle from people who know alot more about this stuff than I do.
Quick background:

I am only 23 years old and have run two cycles before pretty succesfully, kept my first one very simple and ran 300mg test prop per week for 8 weeks. Second cyle ran test prop/cyp 2ml of each per week for 10 weeks, not as good as the first cycle but still beneficial. I have been training for 6 years, almost 5 of them were naturally but I had the steroid "itch" as most do for almost the entire time lol.

For this cycle I am thinking of running;

wk 1-10 TEST E 500mg p/wk (shot 250mg mon/fri)
wk 1-6 TREN ACE 300mg p/wk (shot 100mg tue/thurs/sat)

I was also thinking about adding dianabol in for 4 weeks at 40mg ED, but I did read somewhere that TREN ACE can put alot of stress on your liver and kidneys? and I don't want to do anything that could permanately damage my organs.

I am also concerned about progesterone related gyno (with using TREN ACE) so I was going to run aromasin at 20mg ED through the cycle, please tell me if im being stupid doing this as I havent used an AI on cycle before.

I have not read too much about HCG usage during cycle and am wondering if it is needed or necessary, if it is I will certainly look into that and educate myself!

PCT clomid and nolva as standard

Thanks in advance!



Tren can have some nasty sides, but the effects on your organs are overstated. Dianabol is worse for your liver, but 4 weeks is nothing. Since you've run prop before, I would do the following.

1) Frontload the test, so shoot a total of 1000mg 1st week.
2) Run an AI from day 1.
3) Kickstart with some prop, two or three weeks at 300mg will do.
4) Start the tren and dbol after you finish the prop.
5) Run HCG at 250 IU 2x per week throughout the cycle.

You could also run the dbol weeks 1-4 and the tren 1-6 or vice versa. If you can't handle the tren, you can just stop it.

And for gyno, make sure you have plenty of nolva.


You really wont budge from recommending a SERM for the job of an AI, will you?


Acetate ester is to be injected everyday. 3 times per week is a bad idea and is a recipe for side effects.

Do more research.

Ther are hundreds of posts regarding test/tren cycles on this forum alone.


I had read that acetate can/should be injected daily but have also seen lots of cases of EOD. Do you feel you get more benefit from injecting everyday over EOD? I imagine the main benefit will be on mood due to more stable levels.

The reason I had gone for EOD was just for convinience really, if ED is much better then I would obviously do that. This is the reason I posted for the first time on T-Nation despite being around almost everyday, due to the vast amount of knowledge on this topic especially.

Thanks for the advice much appreciated!!



I did recommend he runs an AI, and I agree with you that it is the superior way to control estrogen. However, nolva is so cheap and so effective, it is foolish not to have it on hand. Since he has not run an AI before, he may get bunk. If the tits start growing then, whats he going to do? Wait two weeks till his nolva shows up? Its also essential if he were to get tren induced gyno, or finds himself unable to control the dbol sides with his AI.

And I know the obvious thing is to make sure you don't get bunk gear and to trust your source, but counterfeiting is so common for expensive drugs, it is rare to get bunk nolva because of its cost.


I dont know the rules on mentioning UGL's on T-Nation but my last cycle was using a certain one and I dont think it is the best out there. I am interested in hearing, maybe by PM, about people personal experiences with different UGL's and which they think is best?

Not worried about my source he is well known and I have known him for along time through one of my best friends...

Appreciate the advice from both of you,