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Third Cycle - Feedback and Confirmation

This week I will be beginning my third cycle. My first cycle was your typical starter 500mg test-e cycle, and second was 500mg test with 40mg turinabol. Im 6-2, 225lbs, about 14% BF, 24 years old.

This cycle is going to be a test prop and tbol cycle. I will be pinning 100mg test prop EOD for 8 weeks with 6 weeks of oral turinabol on top. I will be using 25g needles with mainly quad rotating injections (very large quads, very easy for me to pin). I have planned a 40-40-20-20 nolvadex PCT. I have tons and tons of nolvadex on hand for gyno. I know this is pretty bread and butter. Does anyone see a problem with this. Should I perhaps consider ED injections to avoid possible sides or will it make much of an impactual difference; I am EXTREMELY prone to acne.

I have plans for this to be a relatively lean cycle. I have quite a bit of mass on me and my real goal isnt to balloon and bloat up to 240lbs or something. Id like to stay relatively lean and gain some strength. The past few months ive incorporated leangains intermittent 16-8 fasting style of dieting which has worked very well for me. Something tells me that keeping this diet style incorporated on gear is not the best idea, and was wondering what people maybe thought about keeping a similar diet, but during the 16 hour fast, keeping a constant source of BCAAs and protein shakes. I know that this kind of eliminates the purpose of the intermittent fasting but its moreso the psychological aspect of the dieting that benefits me, not the actual fasting. I am a SERIOUS binge eater and it really helps to keep me in check, and id like to continue it if possible, even if its modified.

I do 5-3-1 with a bodybuilding style of accessory, and my workouts are incorporated mainly around the big four lifts. I also do incline walking daily, 15 mins PWO.

I would pin 100mg test prop ED. You should also use adex .25mg to .5mg EOD.

Thanks for your feedback. I have some of that on hand and was going to use it if I started developing sides. Does anyone have any input in regards to the diet question specifically.

Anyone… I also swapped to 100ED as suggested.

[quote]mdobbs9 wrote:
Anyone… I also swapped to 100ED as suggested.[/quote]

I would not fast on a cycle…nor can I think of anyone who would.

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