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Third Cycle Critique (Taking What I've Learned)


Hey guys, thanks in advance for any advice or critique here.

I ran a cycle of test 500 with a 400 mast which ended up being more of one long cycle where I really didn’t know what I wanted (to diet or grow) and I know I wasted a lot of what could have been clean gains. I went up in weight, strength, etc but know it could have been better. I have been off everything since august when my PCT ended and have done nothing but a 1-andro 4-andro transdermal in between which was for about 3.5 weeks. I feel great, have been making gains, and am ready to strictly diet this time.

Compounds test e 250, and Mast E 200, Proviron (25mg tabs) script adex and caber.

weeks 1-12

1cc test e and 2 ccs mast E

Adex when needed (unlikely but will be on hand)

weeks 12-16

1cc test e and 2ccs mast 50 mg proviron/day

Pins will be split mon/thurs and tabs will be split morning and late afternoon

I will be tapering down my cals after I see what my baseline TDEE is after two weeks when the gear starts to normalize in my body and hoping to just stay nice and hard while I get down for the first 12 weeks.

My only concern is the length of my cycle, will I have any problems resetting or should I just make my pct longer than 4 weeks. I am never doing clomid only again because my estrogen rebound last time was bad enough to have me considering never doing aas again until that wore off lol.

Nolva 40/40/20/20/20
Clomid 50/50/25/25/25?

Again, thanks for any critique or changes to my cycle that makes sense. I’m hoping to start once I get some good feedback about dosage, length, pct, and whether proviron and mast together is too much DHT especially in that last 4 weeks (I have great hair that I dont want to lose loll)


What are your current stats?

What is this ‘1-andro 4-andro transdermal’ that you have done in between? Is it some kind of TRT product and if so why are you using it? Are you on TRT? If you are on TRT then PCT would be redundant.

If i am reading correctly you plan to do a cutting cycle 250mg test and 400mg mast p/w? Seems like an odd choice of dosing.

I couldn’t say if Proviron is worth using.

You don’t need caber for this cycle as far as i am aware.

One SERM is sufficient for PCT.

Sorry if i have misunderstood anything - I have not personally ran a cycle for cutting purposes but i don’t think this plan is quite right. Test and Mast are decent compounds but i would definitely increase the Test dose to atleast 500mg p/w, probably reduce the cycle length to 12 weeks (unless you are on TRT) and probably run the mast for 10 weeks.