Third Cycle Check

This if my third cycle. My first and second was quite successful but since then I have lost quite a bit of muscle mass. Following two years of perfect dieting and gym schedules, the past couple of months I have been partying and having a really bad diet. I am still at about 10% bf but only at 77 kg’s. I am planning to start a new cycle on mid february. My plan is as follows. Please let me know if all looks fine and if I can improve anything.

Test e 500 mg/wk – Weeks 1-16
Primobolan 400 mg/wk – Weeks 1-16
HGH 4 iU everyday - Weeks 1-16
Winstrol - Weeks 12-16

Arimidex, Klomen adjusted accordingly if needed.

Can you afford more primo? If I were to run primo I would run it at 100mg/day and drop the test down a bit but that’s just me. I don’t like winstrol due to sides and would pick another oral. I’m not 100% solid on HGH regimens these days but I think most people start slightly lower as in 3 iu and up it from there.


Sounds like massive overkill for a second cycle and for your size. Given your time off and not being too serious, Test alone will probably put great size back on.

Avoid winstrol, especially with your partying, and I’m assuming that means drinking.

I can afford more primo, I can buy it straight from pharmacy where I live. How much would you suggest to alter the dosages in this case?

I can switch winstrol with proviron. However, last time I used proviron I didn’t see much of a pronounced effect of it.

On the two cycles I’ve previously completed, I haven’t drank any alcohol or took any drugs throughout the cycles. I’ve been on a massive binge spree the past 6 months. This includes alcohol and rec drugs. I am planning to detox throughout february and then blast for 4 months. Do you still think it’s overkill? I’m not willing to just blast test. What would you switch up in this case?

Maybe @Singhbuilder can help you with the dosages as he has experience with Primo. I wouldn’t feel of proper saying anything without the experience to go with it. Yes proviron is mild by comparison and probably not necessary with a cycle such as this. I was thinking more along the lines of Tbol or Var. Something that provides nice lean gains.

I’d echo what @blshaw said. Primo shines at doses 600-800mg/wk or higher.

What’s your goal with this cycle? To pack on size? Primo/winstrol are usually more used for cutting cycles, or for those who like that dry look.

I used Primo at 800mg, I haven’t tried anything less but its very subtle so I would recommend that as a minimum dose.


How tall are you?

Your liver is undoubtedly stressed from probable heavy drinking and drug abuse. Winstrol and orals in general are harsh. I personally wouldn’t continue the liver abuse.

Just read this. I don’t think you’re in any position to run AAS. If you can’t have discipline to stay away from alcohol and rec drugs, AAS should not even be a consideration.



Proviron and winstrol are different. You won’t notice equivalent effects. Proviron is much more mild, but also much less harsh.

You’re 169lbs … unless you’re 5’4, you’re making your cycle more complex than it needs to be.

What would you suggest for drying up during the last 4 weeks of the cycle. I initially wanted to go tren this cycle but my doc pushed me away from it and suggested I should do test-e, primo and hgh. It is me who insisted on Winstrol; and by the way seems like is a wrong choice seeing everyone’s replies. What can I run that is milder than Winstrol, preferably injection?

I am 5’11. You’re right, will see what the bloods will show in the upcoming week. I will be do a blood test pre and post cycle and 2 tests in-cycle. I guess I can decide if I should go for Winstrol or not according to the tests.

I’d like to pack on some lean muscle and do a mini cut the last 4 weeks. Was planning to add Winstrol during those last 4 weeks. I am currently sitting on 10% bf which probably will go up to ~12% by the end of cycle.

Dude, you’re tiny. You don’t need any of this. Run Test alone, or run Test + Primo if you have money burning a hole in your pocket. But jeezus you’re over complicating things given your size, and your recent irresponsible partying.

If you’re truly 10%, you don’t need drugs to cut. Simple diet will help you drop the couple pounds. Hell, you could just cut your calories the last four weeks in test and use that as a time to cut and preserve.

I’d be interested to see 10% after your 6 moths of alcohol and drug usage.

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Here you go. Taken last night after workout.

I don’t need drugs to cut. I need it to look dry. Even at 9% my skin is thick.

You look to be a good bit more than 10% IMO; especially with the legs. Although its hard to tell as most people post as you have done… after a workout and pumped. Not to rant… but why do people do that anyway? If someone wants feedback we don’t walk around pumped all day but people on here use filters, flex/pose, graceful lighting and post-workout pump shots.

Anyway… end rant. Back to the topic at hand. You look pretty good man even though your estimate for BF is a bit low. I agree with @aaronca that you’re underweight for your size but hell you at least look like you workout your upper body. That’s a better starting point than half the posters here lately.


Definitely a good starting point, and not bad for partying hard for 6 months. I wouldn’t even deter this dude from use, he’s a bit smaller than I was when I started. I just think he’s using way more than necessary to get some SOLID results. :man_shrugging:t3: Especially after just coming off heavy drinking and drug use.

You’re right about pump shots and all that shit. I actually went this morning on my day off, to tan, and take my 12 week post PCT picture to see how much I’ve lost. Most of the time I take with a pump just cause of convenience, but you’re right, it’s over done. It’s eye opening to take the same photos without lifting.

I do however prefer a posed / flex to emphasize the muscles. But I typically do a series of both, for fair comparison to judge progress.

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My legs are tiny atm. You might know, partying goes along with skipping leg days. I probably will get back to squatting and deadlifting heavy starting with the detox. My lifts during my last cycle were 405 conventional deadlift, 315 squat, 245 bench, 135 ohp.

About the rant - I guess I’m a bit self conscious about the way I look. I probably don’t have a single pic without post-workout pump.

You don’t look bad brotha, not at all. I think we are all self conscious to a degree, im horrible with it.

All I am trying to do is save your body from some unnecessary abuse by taking more than you need to get results.