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Third Cycle, Back to Square One

hey guys
I’ve been on and off for about 10 years into body building. I did 2 cycles of test e and dbol and had fairly good results and kept most of the gains till my traffic accident. after that due to low caloric intake and lack of working out I’ve lost almost all I’ve gained over two cycles.

my question is should I do a test only cycle again due to my loss or should I do a fairly advanced cycle consisting deca or tren for bulking? I’m 35 years old, 111 kg with about 18 percent bf. I work out good abd eat somewhat clean.

thank you all for your help


If it were me i’d probably just run something similar to your previous cycles. You want to get back into things and having to manage potential side effects from new compounds isn’t going to help here.

I’d spend a fair bit of time lifting naturally again before going back on

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thanks for the input. I’m thinking the same.

anyone else?

I like test + oral cycles. tried and true. It’s what I’m running now. It’s just so much easier to manage than more complicated cycles, and still very effective.

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I agree flip. I actually love test and tren cycles with dbol kickstarts. My only issue with orals is that they impact the liver harshly which makes it tougher to clear estrogens


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