Third Cycle Advice?

Hey guys, first time posting here, starting a new cycle and wanted some opinions on it. I am getting ready to start a Test Pop, Tren Ace, Mast Prop cycle. My cycle is laid out as so:

Test Prop W 1-7 50mg eod
Tren Ace W 1-7 100mg eod
Mast Prop W 1-7 100mg eod
A-dex W 1-7 .05 mg eod

PCT will be standard nolva & clomid protocol and some HCG ofcourse.

Pre cycle stats:

Height: 5’10
Weight: 160 morning weight before breakfast

This is my third cycle, I’ve used many compounds before, I’ve just got a few questions. I know my dosages aren’t high, but this is what I could get my hands on for now so i planned them out as so. My questions are, will this cycle be enough? Will it be beneficial? Do I need an HCG during and if so how should I go for it (250iu 2 x week starting week 3)? EOD good or split the same dosages ED? And also a friend suggested a get something called “Hepadiet”, some kind of liver protection, is it useful?

5’10" 160 soaking wet and you’re cutting? Cutting what?? Bone mass? Extra skin??

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5 10, 160…:clap:🖒

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My main concerns now for this cycle is do I need an HCG during and if so how should I go for it?

I’m actually doing letro (femara) 2.5 mg (1 tab) EOD now as an AI, 1 week pre cycle until 4-5 days of last pin. I’m thinking of dropping HCG during and keeping it for PCT. Whatd you think?

AI precycle? And letro at that!!! Nice dude. Your e2 is bottomed out before you even start a heavy ass cut cycle. Hahahahaaa… i bet you already feel like you got hit by a bus. Aaanndd the compounds included in your cycle don’t even need much e2 control. The test is the only one that’s got a little aromatization. Aaanndd the mast will help control the aromatization of that wee little bit of test anyways. Either you about to do damage, or you’re a troll. My money’s on troll…

So what 1 tab EOD starting first pin, until 4-5 days after last pin? I’m new to this I haven’t tried it, my friends told me that method, i posted online to make sure

Oh man… just don’t start this cycle. Stop taking the letro. You do not want to start this without knowing so much more… continue to research. You need to learn to eat, train, rest. 160lbs is not a place to start a cycle. What bf% are you at? That’s all the advice I can give you without you being honest with us man.

I’m new to letro not cycling. I have been honest and I haven’t started it yet. I’m at 13.4 %. I know how to eat, train & rest, I wouldn’t harm my body that way. I just plan on starting letro when I start the cycle and stop 4 days after since im on short esters and take 1 pill eod. Wouldn’t that be the best solution? Do you have a better solution on how to take letro?

Letro is one of the strongest AI drugs and I’ve heard it’s only to be used if gynoclomastia appears. Letro will arrest the Gyno. But it also tanks estrogen levels and estrogen is actually needed to an extent to build muscle. I’m not the most educated or experienced on here at all. I would recommend stopping the letro immediately. You need to bulk man. Put on muscle. This isn’t gonna take drugs to do that.

Go fucking train dude and eat ! your 160 lbs skinny bastard

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