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Third Cycle Advice, Test/Primo/Eq

Hi, Im planning my third cycle and looking for solid advice and opinions. I have done alot of research but there is always room for improvement so let yourself go!
I have been lifting 5 years, my diet is in check with solid macro’s that work perfect for me to stay lean (5%-10%) all year round and still gaining muscle.
I can’t stand being bloated at anytime of the year so my main goal is gaining lean mass.
I have done a 12 week tren e/ test e/ dianabol/ proviron cycle in the past 2 years every summer with solid results.

Age: 26
Height: 183cm (6ft)
Weight: 90,5kg (199,5lbs)
Fat: 7%

My cycle plan:

1-12 weeks. test e 500 mg /week
1-12 weeks. Primo e 400mg /week
1-12 weeks. Eq e 400mg /week
1-12 weeks. Arimidex. 0.25mg/day
8-14 weeks. HCG 750ui /week

Proviron when I feel like it

14-16 weeks. Nolvadex. 40mg/day
16-18 weeks. Nolvadex. 20mg/day

With a solid 2 week split training scheme, all muscle groups twice a week, 3x cardio, 3x abs and rest day when I feel like it.

Solid +500/+1000kcal above maintenance lean Food only and switching to maintance when I Lean more to 10% to go back down to 7% and forth always clean on macro’s

Ill probably post here on and after cycle my results when I start in november

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Guys are going to tell you to either drop the primo, or increase the dose of it considerably.

Personally, I think it looks good, though I have no experience with EQ (that’s next on my list, an EQ/test cycle). I did a high dose primo/low-to-moderate test cycle a year and a half ago (250 test e and 700 primo per week for 12 weeks). Pricey, but I was very happy with the results - to the point that I want to try it again with a higher dose of test. I’ve also toyed with the idea of doing the 700 primo with a 400/400 test/eq cycle.

Try it out and keep us informed.


If you can get good primo, I like it for everything, blast cruise trt, diet Bill everything.