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Third Cycle - 16 Week Contest Prep

Hey guys new to the forum :slight_smile:

Currently planning my third cycle, I am 20 weeks out from competition.
My plan is to run a 16 week cycle leading upto back to back shows.

Just to give you an idea of previous cycles.

Cycle 1: Weeks 1-12 Test Enanthate 500mg per week, Weeks 1-4 Dbol 20mg ED. Weeks 15-17 Nolva 40,40,20

Cycle 2: Weeks 1-12 Test Enantahte 600mg per week, Weeks 1-10 Boldenone 600mg per week, Weeks 1-4 Dbol 40mg ED, Week 8-12 Tren ace 50mg ED. Weeks 15-18 Nolva 40,40,20,20

Currently 225lb around 10-12% max BF at 6ft tall 25yr old. Working with a nutritionist and trainer so no bro lifting or lazy diet and have been for years.

Currently in a bulking phase so would obviously like a plan which continues my bulk and includes a plan for my contest prep. At the moment I was thinking maybe a test cypionate with deca and dbol before moving onto test prop with tren ace and winstrol.

Any advice would be great and I can answer any questions you may have if more info is needed.

I would do this;

8 week bulk: Test P, NPP, Dbol
4 week cruise: Test P
8 week cut/hardener: Test P, Tren A, Mast P, Winny - Halo if you are REALLY dieting.

Adex, Caber and HCG throughout.

Your previous PCTs seem quite short to me. After this 20 week cycle I would PCT on 20mg Nolva for 10 weeks + unless you are a cruiser.

NB: I re-read and realised you are 20 weeks out but only want to go on for 16 weeks, so if you got for a 16 weeker I would do a 6 week bulk, 2 week cruise, 6 week cut. As apposed to the 8, 4, 8.

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Thanks for info bud.

I’m currently trying to source caber and HCG over here in NZ. Don’t want to run the risk without.

The idea of a “cruise” period is one that is used by others or just an idea?

Is using test p necessary for bulking phase were frequency of pinning may not be needed? Just a thought.

From memory I believe I actually done a 5 week pct last time.

Cheers bud.

  1. I have recomended fast esters so your gains, even in the bulking fase are as clean and as dry as possible. You could use test e if you wish and just use test p in the last section I guess… I personally would suffer the pain if I had a comp lined up!

  2. This is just what I would do, the cruise is there becuase in my opinion it would be pointless trying to PCT between cycles so close together…

  3. If you don’t want to be on gear for 16+ weeks then I would just nail the diet and save yourself for a Test P, Tren A, Mast P cycle 8-10 weeks from comp.

  4. From my experience I have never needed Caber with Test and Tren cycles but if I decided to do a fair amount of Deca D or NPP I would deffinitley have it on hand.

  5. I have never used Clen/T3 but that would also be something to utilise!

Totally agree. The intention is to stay on for the entire 16 and like you say diet will be to a tee and short esters for short term pain/long term gain.

Now to find some caber :hushed:

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