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Third Bicep Tear


Anyone else having this problem. I have been on HRT for six years. Three years ago I tore my right bicep tendon from the bone, had surgery and fixed it.Two years ago I tore left bicep tendon from the bone, had surgery and fixed that. Last week I tore my right bicep belly,went to our ATR and he called it popeye syndrome. I will not have this fixed, its sore and bruised but not bad enough to stop me from playing golf.....LOL

I tore the first bicep picking up a TV, second one curling, and the third one tussling with my 13 year old. ole man had to show him....:slight_smile:


you realize that being on certain types of antibiotics can and will cause these tears and possibly you are

prone to these types of tears. me i tore my left short head bicep tendon, the labrun, rotator cuff, and

the acl while taking down 40lbs=20lb2 per arm 2boxes of chicken for each arm. i'd maniupulate the 4

boxes in such a way that l'd let it hit me in the chest from top of food rack and then drop down, that's

when i felt the tear, and the next morning before doctor apt my shoulder was hurting when i put on a shirt.

the rest was hell and surgery was even worse...and before TRT. i hope this isnt true about what happened to

you! hope you feel better.


Exactly one month (last June) after I started HRT, on day 1 in the gym I ruptured a tendon that attached my left pectoral into my shoulder (under my armpit). It wasn't too bad as 4 months later I was able to bench again, although it's still healing I think. Then six month's later I switched doctors and the clinic I go to has really dialed me in on my treatment. However, the increased my T dose and put me on an estrogen blocker because my E2 was at 40 somethin'. Two days after I started there I pushed it really hard testing my 1RM on the back squat and hurt my back pretty good. I don't know what it is but the HRT seems to be a culperate, the first couple doses should come with a warning label. LOL.


train safe: watch out for muscle imbalances, and tendon- muscle imbalances (try isometric training). After an injury rehab, start lifting from zero weight.
eat healthy: supplementation is a must when you surpass lifting what your body normaly does (try cissus for tendons), hgh hormone if you want quick tendon repair.
sleep ten hours a day: that, rest



I have torn my Bicep for the first time and the doctors are not really keen on surgery. When you had surgery how long did it take to recover .... how long is your arm in a sling etc




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