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Does anyone have any experience with Thiomucase? I used Preparation H precontest for my last show and noticed minor improvements, but in chatting on some other boards the Thiomucase is more effective. One thing I didn?t do with the Prep H was use a herbal diuretic to flush the water being released from those fat cells, this has been recommended since. It is slightly more expensive ($6.99 a tube) than Prep H, but from most that have used it they have said to expect a 20% decrease in skinfold measurement (e.g. 8mm chest measurement would be 6.4mm after use and herbal diuretic). While a 20% skinfold measurement doesn?t sound like a lot, for a competition level it sounds huge. It also was said to be a slightly better skin tightener. But since I place more trust in those on this board than others I was curious if anyone had used it and with what results.

“Use a herbal diuretic to flush the water being released from those fat cells.”

Where on earth did you hear this?

Anyway, I personally think Prep-H is still better than Thiomucase, but that’s just from my experience working with competitors. In the end, the best advice is to try it and see if it works better for you. Do a trial run.

I plead ignorance on this subject.
What are these things, from what i have heard they are a topical prep for tightening the skin(?!?). am i thinking of the right stuff?
How dose it work? etc

I think it was over on the elite board that I read a topical diuretic was worthless without something to actually make you go. They said it just releases the water from the fat cells and it just kind of sits under the skin making you look soft. That is why I am asking here…I trust the opinions here much more than at Elite.

There has been periodic interest in Th. over the years here, and invariably the response has been negative. If you do a search you’ll see.