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Thinning Hair


I'm 20 and over the past year my hair line has probably receded 1/2" and the rest of my hair is starting to get very thin.

Any advice? Recommendations? I realize there is very little that will have much of an effect but if I could even slow it down just a bit that would be great. Shampoos? Dietary considerations? Effective drugs?



You're gonna have to comes to terms with this buddy.

I'm in the same boat. I'm ok with it tho.

Hopefully your head doesn't have a fucked up shape or dents.




chicks love bald ripped dudes.

step 1) get fucking huge
step 2) cut a shit load of fat off your body
step 3) shave your head bald
step 4) drown yourself in pussy


^i am completely serious

i am going bald as well. I had a slight receding hairline in high school, i am now 24. It hasn't got too much worse since then. I shaved my head for 3 months last year, i was too tall and skinny to pull it off. But all will be good after i get fucking huge.

t-vixens love the shaved head look. fact.


Shave your head. Get over it. It's way easier to manage and always looks as good as its gonna be.


This chick without a doubt absolutely thinks there is nothing hotter than a bald man!!

Bald is sexy as hell!!!




Just shave your head.

Lets just say you go with grafts:

What if it doesn't work????


My fiance tried Nioxin (shampoo, conditioner, scalp foam - the set is a good deal on Amazon) and it seems to have slowed things down.


But as others said...if you're big and ripped, the bald look is not a problem.


I always check out bald guys to see if they are ripped. True story.


Just don't get the surgery. I have a friend of mine who did it and ten years later STILL went bald, and now his head looks like hamburger.


lol... fucking whopper!lol

don't stress it buddy.... hair cloning is gaining momentum.... a cure is coming!!!!! I don't care though... Im not going bald.... in fact i need a haircut... nah nah nah nah nah>lol jk



What did it cost?


angry, stop giving people ideas.



I want to know the price because I posted a video on the procedure.



didn't you read my first post? Hair cloning is coming!!!!!


My hair started thinning out when I was 22. I'm 28 now and since then, women love it. Big broad shoulders, chest, arms, they love the lips and the smile. Rock it hard bro and women will dig your vibe and your bald head. Keep that fucker smooth and shiney. So go with a Mach 5 Turbo and you'll be straight. Just be careful with the area over your ears.

Shave and enjoy brother. Get jacked and drown yourself in the strange, as someone already mentioned. There's nothing better.


wow didnt realise so many had this problem..

well im not all there yet.. but i see all these guys who are trying to be bald but they have lost all their hair at the top but the side is still growing strong..

how do i stop looking like that when it gets that far ? daily shave ?


Like these guys said:

Get better looking to make up for being bald.


do i have to fucking repeat it!?? hair cloning is coming!! fast!!