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Thinner Grow

I was wondering if the Biotest folks had ever thought about making a less viscous Grow!. I like the taste, but dislike that it sometimes mixes up so thick as to need a spoon to eat it(I find the chocolate does this worse than the vanilla)! I hear the new protein product is thinner, but I’d personally like to see a second version of Grow that is thinner too. Anyone else???

Just add more water to make it thinner.

Its the malt man. Just add an extra gallon of water to each serving. If you think Grow is bad try Myloplex. Its like pudding in 8oz of milk.

I actually prefer as thick and filling an MRP as possible. I find it more satisfying and better for dieting. Try Isopure…it’s practically water

I usually mix my shakes in old 20oz Gatorade bottles. I add whatever liquid it takes to fill the bottle most of the way up. You have to leave some air space for shaking the suff up. I figure I can always use the extra water and just chug it down.- Nylo

Ohhh yeah, I forgot to mention that I like to mix with 1% milk for extra calories. But even in water, and maybe it’s just my blender, the stuff is so thick (even in 20oz) that the blender can’t even move the stuff (the blade is moving, but at the top, the usual funnel-like shape isn’t forming). My problem with the thickness, is when I’m on a mass phase, I like to mix up 2 at a time, and its a lot easier to drink it down in a couple of minutes (like other, thinner MRPs) than gnaw at it with a knife and fork (exaggeration) for an hour. BTW, i find myoplex to be a lot thinner…I’d use it except I don’t (a) want all the iron they put in it and (b) I get enough nutrasweet from diet soda (just in case it turns out that the shit kills you :).

Man, I’m the only T-Dude who likes his MRPs thicker than molasses in January!?! I can’t stand thin shakes…if I wanted something thin, I’d drink some water. When mix up a shake, I want mine DQ-style, baby! Seriously, I blend my GROW with 10oz of water and some ice and still find it too thin sometimes. That’s why I prefer just mixing a scoop in a some cottage cheese and having some pudding.

The main resons I can’t handle mrps to well is because they are just to think and nasty. I also am not a big fan of sweets which further hinders my desire to use them. I think they should come out with a substrate version of thier ingredients so the consistancy can be watery. They could come up with flavors like “spicy Bloody Mary” and “juicy Steak”. Maybe even some friuts like “very sour lime” and “Pinot Nior”. Then I would live off the stuff.

i like mine thick too. i usually put just enough liquid in it so that it moves around steadily in the blender. i hate it though when you have to hold the blender almost all the way upside down with your mouth underneath it for 30 seconds just to get the last sip out. that is too thick.

Try mixing Grow! with lowfat frozen yogurt…thick as hell and daaaaaaaaamn tasty!

If it’s too thick, add more liquid. If it’s too thin, add less.

I love thick MRPs too; you don’t feel satiated with a thin one (like Isopure or Labrada). I sometimes blend some GROW! and put it in the freezer for 10-15 min; You get a great pudding texture, but I wonder if it’s OK to freeze it or will the protein be denaturated? Nic, instead of waiting for the last drop, just clean your blender with a long spoon; that’s what I do.

OK, I guess that I’m the only one who doesn’t like holding the blender upside down for a hour to avoid losing 10% of the shake!! To each his own…

Hey Neil – I put my Grow! in the freezer as well. It gets a little frozen on the outside, but I mix it again, with a spoon, and end up with frosty treat. Tastes great! I often crave it when I have a sweat tooth. I like the idea of mixing it with yogurt - I’ll have to try it this weekend.