Thinking Surge, Metabolic Drive, & Superfood

I currently only take Maximuscle extreme protein pre and post workout…
I cant say I’ve seen the results I have expected after using the whole thing I’ve gone from 128lbs - 130lbs with a mediocore diet.

I’ve been thinking about buying these…
The protein is way cheaper than what I have been paying for the maximuscle protein.

I’m not lifting amazing loads I only workout at home with my 75kg set…

So is it worth getting these? I believe so but I would like to check before I spend the money.

I would prefer those over maximuscle, but if you’ve only gained 2 lbs supplements are not your issue.

Your diet is

Yeah I guess your right… I’ve been improving that though.

What sort of advantages are there to taking Metabolic Drive over maximuscle?

Because I’ve been able to find lots of info about Metabolic Drive but not so much about maximuscle so it’s proving difficult to compare them.

Both of those are simply supplements, as in they supplement your diet. Yes, the extra protein will help, but it’s just that, it’s only protein. Nothing more, nothing less.

Buy more weights.

Yeah I’m planning on getting more weights soon, Can you guys give me any advice on liquid fish oils?

I just can’t get the capsules down - I don’t know why fear of choking or something…