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Thinking of Switching Routines


Hello everyone,

I've been training at a gym for about 3 months, I have been working hard at it too but I think I can work more often than I am currently on my 3 day a week split.

my plan currently looks like this.

Sunday - Press movements

Flat bench press
Incline bench Press
Overhead press
+ Assistance work

Wednesday - Legs and lower back

+ Assistance

Friday - Pullups and rows

Barbell rows
Seated cable rows
Upright row
Rear delt row

And that's what I do.

However, what I would like to do is this -

Sunday - Horizontal upper body

Flat bench
Incline bench
Barbell Row
Rear Delt row

Tuesday - Squat

Hamstring work such as Romanian deadlift + Assistance

Thursday - Upper body vertical

Overhead press
Upright row

Friday - Deadlift day

Quad work i.e hack squat/leg press + Assistance

From what I gather from this routine, it just seems to divide existing work into 2 parts throughout the week, Which would let me train harder and maybe get a little more total weekly volume in.

Please let me know what you all think about this.

Cheers, Dave


there are already 50 threads just like this one. Use the search function and see what advice has already been given out regarding this exact same subject... thats my advice man (not trying to be a dick)


thats basically 5/3/1


@ gregron, Don't worry, I get it - I'm normally the one to say 'use the fucking search' when someone asks a question that's been beaten to death... when it's guitar related lol.

@ Caveman - Thanks, don't know how I haven't found that yet.