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Thinking of Starting Indigo

I have been considering taking Indigo, I train 6 days a week weights, cardio, and yoga. I follow a nutrition plan set up by my nutritionist. I am 4’ 11’’ tall and weight approx 102lbs my main fitness goal is to lose weight/body fat I wanted to know if any women had the same goal/aspirations as myself and could offer any advice/guidance. Thanks

You are best off to go read the Livespill or the Indigo Logs. Those people are using it and would probably be able to give you a better idea than the general forums.

You only weigh 100lbs, I’m not sure what weight you are looking to lose. A friend of mine is the same height as you, same weight, and has the most rock solid amazing body around. You might just stick with the plan your nutrition has set up and work hard in the gym.

yeah, I wouldn’t focus on losing weight, maybe body comp changes, but weight probably not so much

As has been said, based only on your height, weight, and general training, I have to guess you’re in pretty good shape and don’t have all that much to lose, so Indigo might help tighten things up for a finishing touch.

What does your diet currently look like? If you do start, make sure to let your nutritionist know and expect to make changes. Most people seriously bump up their carb intake on Indigo.

There are a few smaller frame/shorter ladies that are on Indigo. Maybe take a look through their logs and consider tossing them a note:

Thanks I guess lose weight/body fat was the wrong way to put it jehovasfitness said it better change body comp is what I am looking to do. Thank you again for the advice