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Thinking of Selling DVDs...

Hey guys, this is probably a ridiculous question, but I have a shit ton of dvds, a lot of boxed sets. Im a huge mobster movie fan, especially of the sopranos, and have all of the boxed sets. Being that its not really the kind of show you often go back and rewatch, Im having a hard time deciding if I want to save them just so I know I have them, or just ripping them onto my computer and selling them.

I hate knowing that fact that I could make over $100 on them alone and they might just sit on the shelf forever. How many of you watch, rip then sell? Or do a lot of you just keep them to have in your collection?

My grandfather had literally 300 vcr tapes that we found when we cleaned out his basement for him.

Don’t end up like him, he doesn’t even remember what he has seen anymore. He rights down what he has watched lmao.

I would say sell them, and put the cash to good use.

But a hyoge external hard drive and rip them all onto there. Then sell them.

I rarely buy new movies. I do buy a lot of used DVDs for $5-6/each.

Im a collection freak.

I say keep them.

I have nearly 350 dvds, and about 40 blu-rays. Its my “hobby” its what I do. Its fun to pull out those dvds I have not watched in 9 years and pop one in.

Although, I do need to sell my dvd changer.

I rip my DVDs to a hard drive, mostly because I have a computer hooked up to my TV and I don’t have enough room to store tons of discs. If you get a nice bundle of discs and then sell them as a bundled set (minus boxed sets, which get a good amount on their own), you can make a nice profit from them.

I sold abut 200 DVDs on eBay as a bundle. I’d gotten each for about $5 at the local video store and a few for $1.50 - $3 from library sales and the Salvation Army (all major movies, hits, etc, no junk videos), the entire lot when for about $1200 on eBay, plus another $600 or so on the different box sets (Alias, Lost, Buffy, CSI, etc).

Considering two 500GB external hard drives only cost about $185 from Newegg.com

I got a huge TV with my money :smiley:

Put them on Half.com. I’ve sold about 110 CDs on there and cleared over $350 (after shipping/packaging charges). A lot of them were complete crap too.

You could make a lot more with DVDs. I’ve ripped over 200 CDs to iTunes (with external HD backup) in the last couple months. It’s nice to get rid of the clutter.

thanks alot for the input guys. i think my problem is im alot like johnward, im a collection freak and like knowing the fact that i actually have them to look at lol. but hell if i can sell them all and make enough to buy a big screen, fuck it i’m in!