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Thinking of Joining the US Army


do i have any free time while I'm in the army? i train for mma and want to continue to do that I'm actually supposed to get my first amateur fight this year. can i enlist for 2 years ?


First, why have you decided to join the Army?

8 years is the minimum, you can do 2 active, 6 reserver, 4 active, 4 reserve, 6 active, 2 reserve... I think. As for free time, at first you won't have any, or much. Basic training, basically none at all, advanced training, a little more free time but still not much. Once you are at your unit and settled in, that's when you can get some shit rolling (i.e. MMA).


Your title made me think of this.


I say wait a bit till all these wars calm down.


After the initial boot camp and subsequent job training you will have free time like any other job. You will have less than a civilian but you will have free time. When I was in the Navy exercise was encouraged to the point that I was allowed an extra long lunch break to train. I hit the gym from 11am - 12:30pm.

I say go for it. Our country needs good men in uniform.


It can be a great option for some people... and a horrible option for others. Talk to a recruiter, think about why you want to do it. Ask specific questions on here... Like others have said, out country needs good people... but if your primary worry is free time...


yes, you will have free time. in garrison life it's generally for the most part like any normal day job. you go to work, you go eat lunch, you go back to work, then you go home for the day.

if you are good at mma it's possible you could become the company/battallion/brigade combatives nco.

i am pretty sure the lowest enlistment contract is like 6-8 years.

if you are serious about your fight training, maybe check out the reserves or national guard? you'd get same training as your active counterparts, and minus one weekend a month and a two week block of summer training, you'd be free to continue to train/fight.

fwiw, the army is the bomb. seriously. best life decision i have made to date. even better than deciding to lift weights.


You obviously get what you put in. Many wouldn't say the same.

Good on you, HolyMac!


You can't enlist when your 90 yrs old.


yeah, i'd say hold on being a firefighter until stuff stops catching on fire.

i mean wtf nards? even IF all the wars 'calmed down', he has no control if another conflit breaks out and he deploys.

if you cannot deal with going to war, don't join the army. there is no bullshit 'waiting' period.


I'm sure he was kidding, HM.


It depends on what job correct. I only know about the Air Force though.



These wars ain't gonna cool down till I reenlist. That'd be Canadian army though....so I'll need to borrow someone's Lee Enfield or whatever the kids are using nowadays.


Why not the corps, just sayin


Go AF!

Just saying...


Don't even start, MD. I've got the banter from demotivational pics already copied. Don't make me go and hit paste.



The AF isn't all bad?


forgive me.

canadian blokes are alright imo. you guys have some nutty uniforms.



also canadian soldiers are bad dancers and also bad with women.

just my experiences.



Don't I know it! I had a damn Balmoral. With a blue feather in it.