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Thinking of Getting an IS 300


Anyone own one of these? How do you like it?


I have an 2006 IS 350. Lexus makes one hell of a car, no question about that. You can't kill them.


i used to drive the is300, now my younger brother has it. i definitely like it, still take it from time to time. i find it to be a very comfortable car for both short and long trips, handles great out of the box, it is only rated at 215-220hp and similar ft lbs i think, but i think it moves pretty good. its also pretty easy to throw the back end out, drift, etc, if you are into that.

now, my older brother has the is350- theres not much comparisson between the two. to me, the is350 does not feel like it handles as tightly as the 300 does, but what it "may" have lost in handling, it more than makes up for in power. again, the hp/tq for the 350 is only rated at just over 300hp/ft lbs, but it will take off when the pedal hits the floor. i only wish they'd have made a 6 speed manual available besides the "sportshift" or whatever they call them.

both are great cars.

if you want more power, try and find a pre-owned is350. or if you flat out prefer the looks of the is300, theres plenty more power to be had through aftermarket products. i think ive even heard of twin turbo supra engines being dropped into is300's. that would be niiice.


I think you are right dez, the 350 is serious power when you hit the gas. 306 hp is alot for such a small car, I am almost afraid of the IS-F.


the first time i saw an is-F on the road it was pearl white, with a hot blonde driving. she was eating fried chicken and licking her fingers clean. the only thing i would have changed is to put her hot ass in the passenger street. that car must be AMAZING. luxury, comfort, ridiculous power, great looks, etc.


About a year ago i worked for a vehicle relocation company, we ship all kinds of cars its awesome...dont ask why i dont worked their anymore lol. Anyway, the is300 is nice man, very smooth, and if you think over 200hp is too little, there are tons of aftermarket upgrades for these. If u can afford it though, get the is250, n as for the isf, BEAST, cant believe they let me drive it even though it was my job lol


NO WAY! if you can afford it, get the is350, NOT the 250!


Be careful with those aftermarket parts: