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Thinking Of G-Flux



I was looking around for some idea's to start my next program. Then I reread Dr. Berardi's G-flux article. Looking at that I came up with a progam for myself that would go like this:

Day 1: Lower body (max strength)
Day 2: Conditioning (jump rope, heavy bag, burpess, etc etc)
Day 3: Upper body (max strength)
Day 4: Interval sprints
Day 5: Endurance (circut training, bodywieght stuff)

Maybe either replace the conditioning (day 2) or the Endurance (day 5) with a polymetric work out. Along with this up my calorie intake to about 5000 a day still eating as clean as possible.
Anything I'm missing? Any advice would be appreciated.


What is your bodyweight and what is the duration of those 5 workouts?

You should look into Waterbury's High Frequency System with some cardio thrown in.


G-Flux is about doing extra work of different types, not about doing the same amount of work but doing different stuff.