Thinking of entering my first powerlifting comp...

I am extremely into weightlifting and am thinking of entering my first powerlifting competition. My stats…

Age: 17
Weight: 145

BP: 230 (Think I will be at around 240 by competition if I enter)
Squat: 315 ish (Trippled 275)
Dead: (no idea, locked out 315 twice during a workout after 225 and 275)

Do you guys think that I would do alright if I entered a local competition in my weightclass/age group? I’d rather wait and get stronger than get my butt kicked. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance


There is no way to know until you go. Also who cares? You have to start somewhere. I do know this. Those who compete tend to make better gains than those who dont. go to a meet. you will love it and everybody there will be glad to help you.

enter a meet as soon as you can…it will be a great learning experence and really get you motivated…big m

I spent last Saturday helping out at a 110 lifter, 3 platform high school meet. It was incredible.

Your lifts are fine.

Just like Goldberg and BM said, get in there and do it…your confidence will go up significantly and you will come out much more focused on what it takes to compete.

Good luck!

I really miss competing, it was a wonderful experience and the lifters are always the nicest guys to compete against, especially when the guy beating you is encouraging you during your lift, that’s what it’s all about.

I really need to get info on what meets are going on in Texas.

Nothing will motivate you more than having that date written down and on you bathroom mirror where you have to see it everyday. Must get stronger…must get stronger… the meet is in 2 months etc.

Just do your best and learn from it.

DO IT!!! Who care’s if you think your not ready… Go out there and kick some ass. And you might even have fun.

I am so looking forward to competing after everything you guys have said.

I’ve just got to find a meet to go and watch first.


I agree with everyone else. There is nothing like competing in any sport. If you are a true competitor it will increase your lifts. I plan on doing my first PL meet in the fall after softball season is over. I am going to watch a meet tomorrow though to see what it is like and what to expect.

You’ll never know if you’re ready until you just do it and compete.

Meets will teach you so much - view them as learning tools and as ways to meet others who really love strength sports.

So, compete, learn and have fun! Just do your best - the only person you compete against in any comp is yourself. :wink: