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Thinking of Entering a Powerlifting Contest

I starting lifting using the Wendler program about a year and a half ago. i am 50

i started lifting wendler about 1 1/2 years ago, and haven’t lifted much since playing football in college. would ride bike/P90x type things prior to lifting and would say that i was in average shape prior to starting wendler

i don’t know anything about powerlifting meets, but i was looking on-line at meet results, and if i am reading correctly, i think that i would do ok in the bench. not so much in the others. would like to try it summer 2017

i would compete in either 242 or 275 weight class
would be in the raw/natural class- which i assume means wear a t-shirt and no steroids.

i think i have pretty good form, but i would guess that in a contest your maxes would be less with a judge watching.

anyway, here is approx, what i can do.

bench- got 435

deadlift- 535

squat- haven’t done a max. had ACL repaired years ago, and although it doesn’t bother me, i have just done reps of 10-12 ATG at 315-345#

would probably just compete in bench. think i would be out of my league on the other lifts.

i think it would be fun to give it a try. any advice/thoughts?

i appreciate it.


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Do it! I promise it will be a life-changing experience. Most lifters will never see a 435 raw bench, so good on you for that. Compete full power (all 3 lifts if you can). Don’t worry about how you will place. Noone who knows powerlifting will ever ask how you place. They will ask what numbers you hit and thats all that matters.

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Definitely do it. It’s a great sport.

Couple of notes

I think you mean no squat suit or bench shirt. You’ll still need a lifting suit, which is basically a wrestling singlet.

Raw does not mean drug free. There probably isn’t a drug free sanctioned meet anywhere in the world, although in tested meets there will be fewer people using. However, at 50 at that bodyweight you’ll be up there with your bench even up against guys on PEDs I think.

I disagree. You’d be competitive in masters (you’d be Masters 2 I think). You’d probably be capable of a 400+ squat, possibly 440+ so if you even went just 400/400/500 you’d be looking at a 1300 minimum total. That’s no small achievement. You’d probably be within reach of 1500 if you worked at it.

Thanks for the advice, guys
Maybe the glory days aren’t over yet !
I’m going to look for a meet in the Midwest for summer 2017

Shooting for the 242 lbs weight class will help me eat a little cleaner



Awesome! Start a log here. I’d definitely swing by.

If you’re on Instagram check out brokenmatt73, he’d be a bit older than you and kicks serious butt. So does his brother.

Remember that everything in PL is based on the judges call. Primarily, pausing at the bottom of your bench and going below parallel on squat. make sure you practice these things before your meet. benching 435 in the gym is not the same as benching 435 in a meet.

I’ve seen a lot of strong guys fail because the judges did not like their lifts

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Do the meet. Find someone who understands powerlifting to show you the ropes and assess your lifts. Or post videos here. You can keep a log in the Over 35 section. Many of us compete.