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Thinking of Entering a Meet


Hey guys. I have been training very serious lately and I think I want to enter a meet. I started using Starting Strength and a little over a month ago I switched to a plan that split the big three into separate days with some assistance. I have gained so much strength in what I think is a short period of time (~6 months) and I would like to try and see how good I do. Now I am not so delusional to think that I would win the whole thing, but I always wanted to try it and I think it will be a good experience for me. The meet I want to enter is on April 10th. The weights I lifted this week are:

Squat 345x3x5
Bench 170x3x5
Deadlift 355x3x5

What is the opinion of the people here. Should I go for it or hold off for a minute? And if I should do you have any advice for the lead up to the event?

Thanks for any advice you have in advance.


I would encourage any body to do a meet. I am 20 now, and I did my first when I was 18, and my second when i was 19. Its an great experience and I learned a lot. Many people I spoke with firmly believed they hit a growing phase immediately following a meet which is also a plus. How old are you and what what class would you be in?


Agreed. Im about to do my first. I get so tempted to say my maxes arent high enough to do one yet but I know Ill always say that. Looking forward to it.


I'm 27 and would be in the 275 class right now. As of Tues I was 255.


Do it! the only reason I am not right now is because I am broke and trying to save up money so I won't be even more broke when I go to graduate school lol. Don't worry about how you do because from what I hear the people you meet will not only teach you many things about the sport and how to train and eat but they will also inspire you to push harder in the gym.


Do it!

I'm doing my first meet next weekend, and I couldn't be more excited. I committed to do the meet in November, and since then, my training has taken on a whole new meaning. I know that I probably won't win, but I know that I want to do my best.

I've also been told that the environment at most meets is a huge bonus - that it's very positive, educational and addictive. I've run a few half-marathons, and I know that the environment there was like that - and it makes all of the training worth it.

Don't worry about your weights, they're good. The only thing that I'd suggest is to do some work on some singles (if you aren't already), just so that you're prepared for the meet. It looks like you've built up a great foundation of strength.


I would especially encourage anyone who feels like they are just going to the gym and working out day in and day out with no goals to do a powerlifting meet. Whenenver I get tired of the feeling that I am just spinning my wheels at the gym and have no goals that I am striving for, I enter a meet. You then set goals for your sq, bp, and dl and work towards them with more vitality than you ever have before. Let people know, let people at the gym know, let your family know, they can all keep you accountable. Write your goals down and even your reasons for setting those goals. Know what you want and why you want it and don't let anything stop you from getting to that total.


Thanks for all the replies. I am going to enter a meet, but I'm going to wait until June due to an upcoming move and trying to set up everything for that. But I am determined to do it now. I am excited about it now.


Excellent! Don't rush, give yourself enough time to make sure you can focus on the meet. Find someone that can coach you through the actual meet itself - I just did my first one on Sunday, and it was a long, stressful day. The event organizers are really busy, and don't have much time to explain the in's and out's of what's going on, so it's helpful to have someone there (even an experienced person who is also lifting, if they're willing to help), who can tell you where you need to be and when.

Very positive experience, and I now feel like an official "powerlifter".


Do it! your competing against yourself, and you cant lose to yourself if you dont have any numbers on paper