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Thinking of Eating a Bullet


This just happened on facebook. I get this a lot but this girl pissed me off enough.

Sara: What are you up too

Me: reading up on some fitness stuff....effects of carbohydrates on the body etc

Sara: I just eat what I want

  I have never counted a caliorie in my life

Me: lmao

  u think i am counting calories to eat less? lose weight?

  I need to put on another 10 lbs

Sara: I have never worked out in my life

Me: I can tell

Sara: I look fine

  I need to gain weight actualy

  Why are you obessed with fitness

Me: i just want to live a fun life and live longer and healthier,

Sara: I have fun and will live just as long as you

Me: science says otherwise

Sara: I would work out but I do not know how


Sounds like you're a giant douche.


put it in her butt.




x over 9000!!!


So a girl starts talking to you and all you can say is that she looks bad and. Is unhealthy?

Don't you already know what carbs do anyway?

Fuck dude nevermind

Keep cockblocking yourself.....


There you go, oh solemn monk in the temple of iron! A line of pictures you can masturbate to instead of slamming Sara's fine azz.

I hope you're happy. Hurrr Durrr people who don't live the lifestyle are our enemies durrr must act like complete dick towards them hurrr

Pro-tip: Next time a chick asks "What are u up to?" Don't answer: "Analyzing the potential of high-treshhold, rapid-rate, high-performance training and Anaconda-loaded insulin surges"
Talk like a normal person about stuff that won't put her in a boredom-induced coma right away and maybe you won't be stuck fapping it to old Frankie, the head-monk of the iron temple :slight_smile:


It should've gone like this

Sara..what are you uo too

Me....enjoying the night and practicing my guitar...why, what's up sara?

Sara..ahh nice.., what kind? OmgI want to learn to play. Really friggin bad.

Me..stop over and ill give you a quick lesson. I've only been playing for a bout a year tho...don't expect to leave my house as the female hendrix. Lol

Sara....wow,really? I will be there a few few hours..and don't worry I'm sure you know plenty

Me..k, ill pull out an extra steak because I don't wanna eat in front of you.

Sara omg I love it

Me..soubds like a good night ahead of us

Sara...mmhmm smiley face

Simple,smashing poon is simple.


There is a reason you are the only person I ever had to put on ignore.


Wow, terrible. What a fucking idiot. And how the fuck does this get the title "thinking of eating a bullet"? Jesus christ, if this is the most frustrating shit that happens in your day, count your damn blessings.


^^ you're doing it right.


hey man, if she's not hip to macronutrients and optimal anabolic protocol, she's not worth your time bro.

i ONLY fuck with chicks who eat paleo and lift westside, who look like Ava Cowman and have a hawt accent like coach Thibs.

One time I tried talking to a girl, found out she had an account at a certain other "bodybuilding" website. Had to kick her ass and take her money to buy some Biotest supplements, man, I was raging so hard on my BCAA's







Sounds like Sara's a dumbass. Is this different from any other encounter in your day?


In contrast......




And finally....

God bless FM.


Yes yes, this man understand teh white wimmenz!


Hahaha awesome find!
I was thinking more about the message of the advertisements but while we're at it...