Thinking of Doing This to My Routine
Do you think this is a good idea?

No brah

Yes, I do them all the time.

However, I’m in training for the Unstable Ground Olympics.

Lol I’m hoping that ur doing the obvious thing and not bein serious. If not…

I do these

I do them, but without the spotter.

His calfs is mad swole.

I’m a bit embarrassed for you that you don’t already do these at least twice a week.

cute, be sure to also gel your hair for fear of loose hairs tickling your forhead

Make sure they are jumping squats on the bosu ball. Very effective.

only pussies do them on two legs

only pussies do them on two legs

Just looking at that picture is a bad idea

You’ll be squatting a grand in no time if you do these, that’s for sure!!

On a serious note I have never seen this in person before. However, one time I say a girl doing deadlifts on a balance ball… It was interesting.

some guy did these in my weightroom last week. he stopped when he noticed me pointing and laughing.

I’d do them nude.