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Thinking of Doing Test E


Okay I need some information please. I've got a friend who has been doing this for a long time. And he pushes me into thinking I'm ready. I've done research and I have to run a pct and extra procations to. I'm not at my naturel state yet. Now what if I did take it perfect diet all the procations in cheque worked out six times a week. What would happen? Would I lose my body because I'm not at my naturel state before I started? Please help me understand.


I have no idea what youre trying to ask. But if thats you in the avi you need to get diet and training in order and be consistent for a while because right now things are not where they need to be to even consider steroids.



It looks like the only thing you've lifted is the TV remote


You are being pushed into thinking your ready? Do we even need to have this conversation?