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Thinking of Doing First Meet Sept 16


Hey guys thinking of doing my first meet, I'm fat so I'll be doing 220 class until I cut (Someday in the future, 1+ year bulk team checking in).

Right now my official lifts that I've hit in the gym beltless 385 squat, beltless 410 deadlift, and a 305 close grip pause bench.

I was thinking of doing the meet with wraps so I'd want to hit a 475 squat
430 pull and a 315 bench? Maybe.

Should I do it? My training is an unplanned overeach deload this week... Gives a month to peak, probably with smolov.


Definitely do it, but I don't see a reason to peak for a first meet. Focus on getting meet experience this go round and see if you even like the sport. If you plan on using wraps at the meet, start using them in training.

Pick your openers now, but base second and third attempts on how you are feeling that day.


Yea i was going to slap on my belt and wraps next week after I deload. I normally wouldn't peak but My training just has an opening for it to be done easily.


Dont worry about really peaking just keep doing what has been working you do not need but a few weeks 3-5 tops to peak and thats including your rest week. Just put your wraps on a few times between now and then and get used to the feeling.


Alright fair enough. I'll just keep casually training until the meet day and try to hit whatever I can.


Also find the rules of the fed you plan to compete on and make sure there isnt any surprises in there. And practice start&rack commands for squat, and start+press+rack commands for bench. Its bound to happen to everyone to miss a lift from missing a command


a meet preperation can be a usefull experience too tho.