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Thinking of Doing First Cycle Next Month

Hi, I have been thinking of starting my first cycle of Test + Winstrol next month and I just had a few questions.

I am looking to basically lean gain, my goal is not to become huge but just gain some size. I am 6’1, 24 yrs, 175lbs and have been lifting for about 4 years. I have read that winstrol is mainly for cutting but could I use it to maybe put on about 10-15 pounds of muscle?

Also, I read one of the side effects of winstrol is acne. Many years ago I took accutane and have almost never had acne ever since. Would this prevent the acne still you think? How is winstrol typically with sexual desire? Does it usually increase or decrease it? Any other thoughts someone could potentially let me know or point me to.

Test only first cycle brother. See how that compound suits you first before jumping into other things. Just my two cents. If you can’t gain on test, there’s a problem.


What osu said above ^ just try test first, so you can feel what the base of a stack does for you.

Go test only, if you take both, you run the risk of getting side effects and not knowing which drug caused the side effect.

Second, you will more than likely get acne again. I took accutane as well, and I break out once I stop each cycle and have it for about 8 weeks following the end of each cycle. Goes away though, and doesn’t get nearly as bad as it did when I was younger.

10-15lbs will depend mostly on your diet and training. Short answer is no. You will gain 10-15lbs during a test only cycle, quite possibly 20-25lbs. But that’s not all lean, keepable muscle. However you sound to be pretty lean as it is, so you will definitely pack on size and be happy. This isn’t a sprint, you can run more than one cycle in your life time, start smart, and take it slow.

Like they have said test ONLY! I promise if you eat sleep and train right you will be blown away with the results.

With your history of accutane use you need pre cycle blood work even more than the next guy. That stuff is harsh on your liver and depending on how long you took it you might need to steer clear of any toxic oral. Even if your blood work says the liver is ok I would still be careful with any toxic oral in the future. Probably staying at a very light dose would be the best choice, I just don’t know how bad accutane is I just know it’s bad on the liver.

Stick with test only and get that blood work just so you know. I personally think you are pretty light in the weight department for a natural but I don’t know enough about you to say anything more than, are you sure that you are ready for a cycle?


Winstrol is a little standoffish at first, but with some wine and good conversation its sexual desire really increases. Just be patient with it and listen to it tell stories, make it laugh, but always remember that no means no.


I did 50mg/daily winstrol for 6 weeks and didn’t gain much muscle just got super shredded and had major strength gains. It was like if you cut a hole in my skin and put a vacuum cleaner in there and turned it on. It just sucks the skin to your muscle. The striations in my chest were nuts but I feel like the only real use for it is for someone competing (or a serious beach vacay). It made me feel really fatigued except when in the gym and made my joints feel very similar to when I crashed my E2 (clicking & pain). Maybe it works differently for others but I personally would do something else if ever given the choice between it and another drug mainly because of the fatigue.

Use winstrol if you want. Run the test alone for like 7-8 weeks then add winstrol last couple weeks. That is plenty time to see how your body reacts to test before you start winny.

+1 on test only. K.I.S.S.

Winstrol didn’t affect my sex drive, but it did make me feel exhausted all the time and ragey.

As now_i_care said. What is your training routine like?

4 years training, 175lbs and 6’1 doesn’t add up in my opinion…

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… and diet. He could be killing his workouts, super lean, and struggling to put on size. But even if diet related, he’ll end up losing what he puts on if he doesn’t figure out that too.

Definitely something needing to be tweaked before jumping on, one or the other, or both.


It is 100% diet-related. The overwhelming majority of the time, when tall, skinny guys talk about “lean gains”, they’re undereating by being overly restrictive on calories.

@newbtestcycle12, what did you weigh 4 years ago when you started training? And what did you weigh this time last year?

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Definitely couldn’t agree more. That, and far too often the skinny guys are the ones who continue to incorporate an excessive amount of cardio. I used to think I was a “hard gainer”, and I am, however that only meant tweaking my training a bit, and upping my calories above 3,000 to start seeing dramatic changes.
I think skinny guys are used to having six packs and worried to lose them. At least that was my struggle.

Six pack on a skinny guy is like big tits on a fat girl.*

It doesn’t count.



As a former skinny guy, I agree 100%. Haha.

4 years ago I weighed about 130 pounds. Last year I kind of fell off the lifting wagon due to finishing up school and other things so did not keep track. My 1 RM as of now are

Bench: 195 lb
Squat: 270 lb
Deadlift: 300lb
Press: 125 lb

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Between your current maxes, current bodyweight, and the fact that you’ve been consistently lifting less than a year, starting a cycle is such a bad idea. Opening Pandora’s box when there’s tons of room to get results natural. But you do you, man.


Your lifts are on the light side, you will end up using AAS to achieve strength that you could achieve naturally. Use AAS later, when you’ve truly exhausted your natural ability and positive that you want to continue your journey.