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Thinking of Doing a Blast in Near Future. AI Necessary?

I’m thinking of doing a little blast soon,
Increasing my test dose to around 500 and Adding maybe Primo or dbol,

My estrodiol is at 100 on my TRT dose of 250 per week,

Will my estrodiol go way to high with out a AI on a blast ?

Is that pg/ml? In the normal 8-35 range? If so then yes you may need an AI unless you’re just asymptomatic. Also, 250mg/wk is a big TRT dose. Whats your TT on that?

Yes the range is 8 to 40,
I have no symptoms and great libido etc,
My total test is 1600 and free test 48,
Lol I know it’s a bit high
Everybody I spoke to said don’t change anything all other bloods are in good range and I feel good,

Have to disagree with you on this one brother. I don’t run any AI or SERM on 250/week. Granted I do add 100 Mast/week which has some SERM qualities but my E2 still runs high and I feel great.

@j.lee If you do anything, run Nolvadex. That’s a SERM and will do much better than an AI.

This should be screaming at you to do nothing

Ok cool and how would you advise dosing the nolva seeing bloods and dose I’m thinking to run etc ?

I took nolvadex before and clomid and I was really sensitive to it the clomid made me feel terrible!
I could hardly see if I remember correct,

That’s ok. I wasn’t suggesting he start an AI. Depends on his answers to my questions. Asymptomatic. Pg/ml? Range? Some people do need a light AI but not the majority.

Was probably the clomid that made you feel like shit. Nolvadex is pretty benign in its sides.

if you get nipple tenderness or small lumps run 20 mg/day and watch your symptoms

I’m still a fan of Nolvadex over an AI any day.

Do you know if there is any dangers of getting a certain to high limit of E2 ?
For example 200 or more

By the way I run 75mg of Primo on my TRT to keep shbg in good range, and my cholesterol panel is perfect, been doing it for 6 months

Here is a lab test of mine from last year. I feel great. All systems running

Awesome. You might try Masteron for reduced SHBG and SERM effects

Ok nice, what I think I will do for sure is split my dose of test as much as possible like 4 times per week 125mg so hopefully will get less conversion,
With my 250 TRT per week I just pin twice a week,

I am too on paper. However it seemed to have a negative affect on my libido that a light course of Arimdex did not. Admittedly my libido is sensitive as hell.

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Have you tried a blast of Mast? Might help

What about exemestane ?
Iv done that before years ago and it didn’t give me no bad side affects
I can’t remember exactly we’re but Iv heard exemestane and Arimdex work differently and exemestane is better,

Anybody know about this ?

Yes sir its my new favorite. I’m pretty much going to run it with every blast from now on. I’m going to try a short ester cycle this summer… Test P / Mast P / Var. 8 weeks.

I ran this a few times, most recently right before the lockdown. Of course I run Mast E mostly because it easy to run with test and I can pin together. I love Var but be careful. Very high levels (100/day) cause me severe muscle pain. 50/day is good.

What do you and @blshaw think about just staying on TRT doses (200 mg/wk) and using a stronger oral for 6 weeks? I was thinking that 50 mg anadrol per day split twice for 6 weeks would provide some good size after my cut. I would think 6 weeks of anadrol would build more muscle than 8 weeks of var?

Edit: sorry to derail J.Lee

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