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Thinking of Competing

Guys I’m thinking about putting MMA on the backburner for a while and get involved with powerlifting. My question to you all for someone who has never competed before: what should i look for in a meet before i register to compete in one? Also, what federation should i compete in?

What caused you to decide this, just curiosity. To the top for a response.

I would look for APF, or IPA myself for safety reasons. Also check out http://www.weighttrainersunited.com/fedreference.html . You can decide what you are looking for in a federation.

xen i decided this because of school and my new job im not able to train MMA like i would like i only have about an hour a week to actually go train but school and work arent interfering with my lifting in the morning so im thinking that since im going to put one on hold so i can work to pay for school i might as well become competitive in the other to me i think its perfect for one ive been doing wrestling nonstop for the past 9 years and muay thai for the past 2 literally with no breaks im feeling burned out also hopefully after a few months i can get my shit together and go back to mma but right now its not looking too good

Good Luck with all of that man.

I joined USAPL, it seems pretty entertaining. Look and see what federations are holding competitions nearby where you live and then think about joining that one up.



Whatever you do I’d try a raw meet. No disrespect to the guys using equipment, but raw gives you a purer sense of how strong you are. Plus, you don’t have to buy a bench shirt and a squat suit.