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Thinking of Competing in the Arnold...

SO… I’ve qualified (1st in Tall Class at the Jr. USA’s in Charlston, SC) this year… and plan on competing on National Level to win the freakin’ pro card…

But I was thinking about competing in the Arnold… Look at my pics everyone, let me know what you think! Worth the exposure, or save it for the Nationals and the Quest for PRO?

ALSO, I’m looking for BOOTH WORK / Sponsorship (wouldn’t Biotest BE NICE as I use their products, and Coach Precision Nutirion…)… anyone have any advise or contacts email me!

I’m applying for Precision Nutrition 1 on 1 coaching…hopefully I’ll get accepted in time to be meaningful for the Arnie…

The pic is from Jr. USA’s…

I have no practical advice here but just wanted to say looking good and good luck with whatever you decide to do. I live in Columbus so I’ll come out and root you on if you decide to compete!!!

Wow you look great and I also wanted to say hello to a fellow South Carolina girl.

hey girl

first off i’ve seen your photos kicking around here and i think you’ve got a great build.

are you entering in fitness modeling?

your comp pic above looks great,

if i am not mistaken you did a video to audition for American gladiator, correct?