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thinking of coaching

i have been weightlifting since i was about 14.i was always a little fucker,so at a young age i had the idea of go heavy or go home attitude, since i was so small i knew i would have to become stronger than everyone else to be competative in athletics. as i lifted i found out that i was pretty strong,so i began powerlifting.iwas the only powerlifter at my high school,we never even had a team until i tried it in the 11th. grade.i was the team. i accually did very well nevr placed below 2nd exept my first nationals meet 5th i believe. anyway everything that i have learned about weight training i learned on my own.i have always trained on my own.never really liked to read much i just looked at the pictures of the muscle magz. i only recently realized i need to cram as much knowledge as i can into this 29 year old head, im about to be a dad, and now will have the opertunity to teach. anyhow i recently started working with a couple of younger meetheads in the gym and found that i really like working with them. not only do i push the fuck out of them but myself as well. i still have to be the strongest hee. so now i am contemplating becoming a coach/and or a personal trainer. if anyone read all that shit i am wondering if anyone can sugest some good material yes reading (pictures is still a plus especally of woman… enough,)of strength training/speed/agilaty ect. i already know this is the best place of all, even though im new to t-nation. thanks for your time fuckers. anyextra info is appreciated. oh and sorry for the freaking language the military did it. later

This is a joke right? Why don’t you try Musclemag, Ironman and Muscular Development articles.

(But be cairfel becoz they use long werdz sumtimes…)

you are arlready coaching just by giving back to the kids your working with…read everything you can at elitefitnesssystems …big m

I here ya bro. I like dem der purrty pictures of men in magz to. Dey is all big and stuff and I hopes to one dayz be as strong and tuff as dem. Ya could practice your trainin’ wayz on me if ya wants!

I second BM Elite fts is a great source. Also CT’s books, Black book you can buy here and His new e-book is available from Charlie francis. I also like Science and practice (zatsiorsky).

Where in Louisiana are you from and where are you looking to coach. Just curious I am from LA as well NO area but currently on the West Coast in the Military.