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Thinking of Beginning my First Cycle?

Okay. I’m 18 years old, 5’11 and 250 lbs. I’ve been training for a couple of years now and have made considerable gains, however lately I’ve hit a plateau. One of my friends suggested Anadrol. I find this very appealing because:

-Pill form makes it easily concealable (father doesn’t support bodybuilding).
-Rapid gains in muscle growth.
-Easily accessible for a reasonable cost.

Right now I’m debating on whether or not a cycle is the way to go, and if Anadrol is a good starting point. I stick to a healthy diet, and am in good shape for being bigger than a lot my age.

I would like if someone could offer me their opinion of Anadrol as well as address the following questions:

-With 50mg tablets, how many should I take per day, and how should I cycle them?
-What should I stack Anadrol with in order to minimize the risk of dramatic side effects?
-If I took 50mg per day, what are my chances of side effects?
-Any precautions to take etc…

Just any real advice for someone who is looking to do their first cycle. I really lack education of the subject, but like I said have ample experience in the gym and eat relatively well. I understand that Anadrol is extremely potent and in turn dangerous as well, so I wanted to extend my curiosity to those with more experience on the subject. Any help whatsoever is greatly appreciated.


  • your 18 the effects of using steroids at your age can damage your endocrine system, this is the time in your life when your body matures, starting now can lead to a life time of needles. You should have plenty of T floating around right now.

  • father doesn’t approve of BB, but yet you want anadrol for “rapid muscle gain”… Hmmm wonder what he would think

  • plateau at 18? Doubt it, try eating more, different routine, sleep more

  • 5’11 and 250lbs. Sounds like your a little fat

  • you don’t need gear

not to mention a drol only cycle will turn you into a big puffy watery mess…

Read the stickies bud, asking about a first cycle at 18 will get you nothing but negative response, quite rightly IMO.

Dude if youre 250lbs at 5’1’’ things will start orbiting around you when you get on gear.

oh and youre too young