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Thinking of a Test Only Cycle

Greetings all, I was hoping to get few questions answered, I am thinking of doing a test only cycle and had a few concerns. I am 37 years old 5’8 170 pounds, have been lifting for about 2 years pretty serious, looking to step it up a bit.

my diet is pretty clean, but I will improve that, my concerns are, as far as the test goes I have heard some conflicting things as far as sex or sex drive goes ? will it be increased or decreased throughout the cycle ? I just want to make that things are working properly during the cycle.

I am in no way ready for a cycle yet , I want to get my diet on track and up my training and learn a bit more about AAS, I will spend the next 2 months or more getting ready,
this is what I am thinking of running…

Test E 500mg per week, split into 2 shots for 10 weeks

Will run AI with the Test E such as proviron 50mg a day for 10 weeks ( hope this is correct as I am terrified of getting gyno )

On week 13 I will start my PCT, I will run 4 weeks of nolvadex 20-40mg a day.

I really appreciate any responses and guidance as am looking forward to learning as much as possible before just jumping in…any other advise would be greatly appreciated…I really want to keep things as simple and safe as possible for my 1st cycle.


[quote]Allen G. wrote:
my concerns are, as far as the test goes I have heard some conflicting things as far as sex or sex drive goes ? will it be increased or decreased throughout the cycle ? [/quote]

The general consensus is that your sex drive will go WAY up while running test. But, personally, my sex drive didn’t change one bit while running a cycle similar to your proposed one. I’m in the position to have sex every day if I choose to. But I might tap it once a week or sometimes even once every two weeks. I guess nothing’s a given with this stuff. shrug

Thanks for the input shadow, from the looks of my cycle does it look ok ?? like I said I just want things nice and simple and safe for the first time around.


for some 500mg will reduce sex drive.

I get a good boost, but i actually get a higher boost from 50mg a week than 500mg a week strangely.

Proviron is not what you use for estrogen control.

good cycle.

Thanks Brook, would Arimidex be ok ?? or what might you suggest ?



start at 0.25mg EOD and increase accordingly :wink:

Ok I would to ask another question if I may, I am in no way trying to start a debate as I don’t know jack about this yet, but some people say to taper Test E while some say to just run 500 mgs for the ten weeks then start your PCT ?? I am wondering if it will be easier on my system to taper off for 2 to 3 weeks ??

I am just trying to learn the best way to make the transition of coming off and keep any sides at bay as well as keeping as much of my gains as possible…thanks again for the time and info…


That decision is best made by you - learn the pro’s and cons of either method, and make an educated decision.

Start here…


this is a very effective test taper that is popular on this site, and is recommended by many for good reason.

Either way, you would want to wait at least 2 weeks after your last enanth injection before running your PCT.

looks like I have some more reading to do, I will look it all over and post what I think will work, just wanna cover all my bases before I jump in, thanks again…cheers !


Another thing you should start researching is the hardware side of things.

In other words, if you are planning a Test E cycle for the future but when it comes all you can get is Prop, it will throw you off. Start looking at sources for your ancillaries as well. You don’t want to be one of those people who starts a cycle and has no SERM or AI ready.

Also, you might want to read up on injection techniques just to familiarize yourself before you get to the point of no return. I’ve always like this one to refer to: http://www.ykhoanet.com/baigiang/dieuduong/vuphong/Skill_kythuattiemantoan.pdf

500mg of Test and 50mg of proviron should in over 99% of guys provide a sex drive boost. As JJ said Proviron should not be used with the intent of estrogen control. IMO most guys won’t need an AI with just 500mg of test. Having said that having one on standby is prudent