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Thinking of a PH Cycle, 47 Yrs Old


Been away from the gym the past 3 months due to tendinitis in elbows and knees. I've lost some muscle mass as a result. I was considering a PH stack of some type to help boost me back to where I was. With so much information out there and conflicting advice.

I hope one of you experienced lifters can make a suggestions among products especially those that are relatively safe for the liver and don't pose any great risks. As a possible first time user of a PH I'm hoping yo get some solid advice about what to buy, what I should be taking on cycle and off cycle so as not to screw it up.

Finaflex, Superdrol, H-drol and Sustanon are products I'm considering


I personally do not like PH, being that they bear the SAME criminal penalties as AAS, bear similar or often worse health effects than oral AAS and far worse than injectable AAS, and yet largely produce less satisfying results than AAS, I have never used PHs.

That being said, I have read up on reports of them, and read the little science that is available.

While I cannot condone the use of PH or AAS, I will say that Suprerdrol and its clones will offer the greatest level of muscular gain. It is also notoriously deleterious for liver values, cholesterol, and some have suggested renal stress. Other sides have been reported to include libido/recovery issues, lethargy, lower back pumps, etc.

From my memory, Finaflex has some superdrol clone in it, mixed with a tren ph, but I could be wrong.

I am not familiar with the PH called sustanon.

Unfortunately, because of the lack of research into PHs, many of their side effects are not well known, and most are based on subjective reports.

Nearly all (and for the ones you listed, all) PHs are methylated, meaning that all will cause hepatic distress to varying degrees.

In terms of ancillaries, please read the SERM, AI, PH, and steroid newbie stickies. These should answer your questions and help you educate yourself to a better degree on the subject.

A question I have is: Why PH and not AAS?


PH are one of the worst things you can run through your body. They are harder on your system and your liver than the real drugs.

They are essentially a steroid in any event, albeit reverse engineered then methalayted on top of it all.

Your 47, if you want a boost find a dr to prescribe you test or go find it on your own. Far less harsh on your body, about the same price and you will actually see some lasting results.