Thinking of a New Program

Hey I just finished doing the Waterbury method and now want to start a new program. My stats are 5’10, around 152 pounds and 16 years old (don’t know bf%). Basketball season is coming up so I’m think I should do some endurance training and some aerobic training. Do you guys have any suggestions for programs with those two aspects in mind and one where I won’t lose any of my strength in my lifts.

Also, I was thinking of cutting a bit so I can be faster on the court. Alright, so to sum it all up I’m looking for a program for endurance where I can keep my strength and would it make sense to cut during it ( I know I’ll lose some strength from cutting). Also what supplements should I use. Right now I have both whey and hydrolized whey. Thanks very much.

Edit: preferrably full body but doesn’t matter

Tabata is a great way to gain strength-endurance. EDT is also a great choice.