Thinking Blasting on Test

Ive been doing 200mg every fith day and i am wondering if blasting 500mg every 5th day for 2 months will help a lot or just be a waist of gear. Im also gonna add some PHs DMZ and Ostarine any good advice would be awesome!

I think if it’s test E you’d be better off doing the extra days later to keep your test levels up instead of peaking 24-36hrs after the pin. I think that’ll be alot better for you than 1 big shot.

So maybe every third day instead of more every 5th day?

doesn’t matter on the timing, I know very few people who inject test e or test c more than once per week. obviously prop needs to be injected every other day, but any other ester, once per week is fine.

And yes, going from 200 to 500 is a substantial increase, lol. plus having an oral on top of that? yes, it will be effective. Your testosterone will be 2 1/2 times what it currently is. 500mg/week is a pretty standard beginner cycle, so 500 every 5 days will absolutely be worthwhile, if that’s how you choose to go.

ostarine is garbage, though. I mean, you can use it, it’s just not gonna do anything for you. I wouldn’t buy it if you haven’t already. much better ways out there to spend your money. The only people who should CONSIDER ostarine are those who don’t want to inject, or are shying away from steroids in general. it’s not the worst way to dip your toes in the water.

Ostraine… it’s that like the old epistaine prohormone they had out for awhile that actually reduced preexisting gyno?

I feel this is not the best, I feel when using c or e 2 or maybe 3 injections per week is better for sides control and estrogen management.

I think that overall, the difference is negligible. If I was injecting THAT often, I’d just use prop. Even TRT patients don’t inject 3 times per week. I’m absolutely willing to deal with slightly more variation in my estrogen numbers in exchange for less tissue damage/ scarring from pinning all the damn time. That’s an easy trade-off for me.

And piepiper: Those 2 products are not remotely similar. Ostarine is not a prohormone or steroid. It is a SARM. Also, Epistane is not a prohormone. It is a steroid. Also, Epistane does not reduce gyno.

My favorites i cant get right now, i lost my hook ups, and i hate talking to new people. I thought i might try some easy to order stuff and just mix it in. I do feel very dry, and i think the Ostarine is adding like a kind of clearity in my head but maybe im tripping. Ill back off the DMZ and Ostarine i dont know if theyre helping at all but i guess i shouldnt put to much into them. FYI my wife likes the Ostarine.

dmz is just fine, especially if you dose it like double the recommended dose, hahaha. It’s a pretty decent product.