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Thinking About Using Bands

…however, I’m thinking I’m too weak to really start. I could make more progress just using straight weight, but I like the fact that more load is at the top. If you checked out my squat vid, you could see that at the top the weight kind of jumps off my back. Now I know that mean I should hold it too my back harder, but it also means that the weight is light for that part of the movement.

My lift number are: Deadlift-420lbs, Squat-350lbs, Bench-245lbs. Should I just keep using straight weight or could I start using bands? Also, if I should keep using straight weight, how long before I should start using bands/chains?

Work on your form first.

I havn’t worked with bands much, but it mixes things up by adding them in, and can make training sessions more fun IMO.

Just keep in mind that bands can be used for many things, and are handy to have around. Great for throwing in some extra work in your home if needed. So worth the money in that respect.

I have a set of minis and monster minis, and will probably get a light and average soon. But I don’t use any of them for “speed work,” just for extra work and mixing it up a little.

No one can really answer your questions. You can just add them in and see if you notice a carry over to your lifts. If so, use them. If not…stop.